Paleo Vs Keto Which Is Better

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Keto Vs Paleo Diet – What’s Best For Me?

The Ketogenic Diet and Paleo Diet are two of the most popular weight loss diets, and you'll find that they both have a lot in common! They both promote a diet low in carbohydrates and processed food and an increased in intake in protein, veggies, and other natural foods. Many people have tried both diets and seen great success in their weight loss efforts. But which is better? Are either of the diets more effective than the other? Most importantly, is it the diet YOU should try? Read on to find out everything you need to know about these two diets and how they stack up against each other… The purpose of restricting your intake of carbs is to create a metabolic state called ketosis. It causes the body to use fat as a source of energy instead of glucose (aka carbs) in the blood and liver. When carbs are restricted low enough, the body produces ketones which can be used as energy. A Look at the Diets Before we get into the pros and cons of each, let's take a closer look at what the diets are all about: The Paleo Diet -- The Paleo Diet is built around the belief that our Paleolithic-era ancestors ate much healthier than we did, as they consumed only food that they hunted or gathered. Continue reading >>

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  1. wannabemeso

    Keto vs Paleo/Primal diets. Who wins?

    Which is better? What's the difference? I've seen some of the before and afters, and they're honestly sometimes more dramatic than keto/LC ones i've seen (which is saying a lot).
    What's the biggest difference between the 2? Is it just keto minus diary and anything processed?
    Anyone here done both?

  2. Atavis

    The winner is the one who understands that both are tools. If you are looking for the next great thing go ahead and try it.

  3. devildogJMS

    Originally Posted by Atavis
    The winner is the one who understands that both are tools. If you are looking for the next great thing go ahead and try it.

    Agreed. Paleo diets are being marketed as this new revolutionary weight loss trend...its the oldest diet ever!(maybe) Both are fine as long as you do them correctly. After I shed most of my unwanted bodyfat away, Im going to be doing more of a Paleo lifestyle.

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