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We'll be bringing you tips, recipes, reviews and news every week, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching................................ Like Facebook page: Subscribe Youtube page : ... I'm Paulee Peters. Wish I learned about Paleo lifestyle before I got sick and gained alot of weight. I wanted to try paleo for weight loss and health reasons (I was diabetic for a long time). I was given the lecture from my doctor time after time about what was going to happen to me He tried to scare me into shape. He would tell me about loss of vision, nerve damage, kidney disease. I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I didn't want to be the first to go before my parents. I lost a total of 7.5 pounds in 4 years doing vegan, weight watchers, low fat-high exercise, gluten free. you name it, I most likely did it. After I stopped all the weight came back. After all, the ADA diet didn't work for me. These were the so called expert nutritionists. Then, I went Vegan, which helped a bit. But I was getting hungry and still feeling tired all the time with no energy. I was introduced to the paleo diet from a colleague at work whose neighbor had success with it. I started reading everything i coul Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    This past couple weeks I began a pretty hard workout schedule, upped my food intake, and have been keeping ultra clean. I've been aiming for keto for approx. 1 yr now with short stints of fucking around and dropping my diet at night time for a week here and there while partying hard with some buddies.
    This last week I have had the strongest case of keto breath I've ever experienced. I've upped my food intake ridiculously while entering into a heavy weight training regimen (5 days/week, upper/lower split). I feel fuckin great and have been losing weight and feeling strong and my room mate is making a ruckus about my breath.
    tldr: My room mate hates my ketone breath and can suck one cause I'm feeling awesome. Post fun/funny/interesting stories!
    edit: Just had a close female friend non-sarcastically say my breath smells good. lol. I asked her if she'd spent much time around solvents as a child.

  2. greg_barton

    I mask my keto breath with roasted garlic cloves.

  3. EstellaH

    I don't get Keto breath ever, but I do get Keto sweat. I was at an outdoor fitness class over the summer, and I had worn woman's deodorant... and I had my first experience with Keto sweat. As the class went on, I could notice the other women backing away from me, and as the instructor walked by, I noticed her make a disgusted face. Fun times with Keto!

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