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Stalled Weight Loss In Ketosis?

I have been in ketosis for about a week and a half now and rapidly lost about 7-8lbs during the first 7 days. However, for the past 3 days I haven't lost much and have not experienced a boost in energy. I have moderate amounts of ketones in my urine (40 mg/dl) and seem to have plateaued here. Is this normal? Anything I can do to resume weight loss? What should I be experience as the level of ketones in my urine continues to rise? Is there a point where it could get too high? Anything to watch out for? 1 Worst Carb After Age 50 If you're over 50 and you eat this carb, you will never lose belly fat. HealthPlus50 Thanks for the help! Continue reading >>

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  1. the_gould

    > Does anyone test for Ketosis? what level do you get?

    Hi there
    I am not 100% interested in Ketosis but you hear everyone talking about it.
    So i thought i would go out and buy a kit and see if i was in ketosis. and i was.
    Anyone else test for ketosis?
    What level do you have?
    When do you test?
    What is your opinion on Ketosis?
    Thanks guys looking forward to hearing from you about this

  2. Kay_Bee

    I test every once in a while. Doing Atkins before I always got "trace", but since upping my fats to 80% of my daily calories, I get the highest levels.

  3. the_gould

    I test every once in a while. Doing Atkins before I always got "trace", but since upping my fats to 80% of my daily calories, I get the highest levels.
    I found that too- once i upped my fats i was at 40 mg/dl ++ ketone levels yesterday morning

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