Neurological Complications Of Dka

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Risk Factors For Cerebral Oedema In Children And Adolescents With Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Cerebral oedema (CO) is a rare life-threatening complication of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children. We analysed the biochemical and therapeutic risk factors for CO in DKA by a retrospective review of 256 children hospitalized for DKA between February 2003 and March 2015. The demographic characteristics, biochemical variables and therapeutic interventions were compared between the patients with and without CO. CO was observed in 22 (8.6%) of the 256 subjects included in the study. One of these patients (5%) had a fatal outcome and two patients (9%) survived with neurological consequences. CO was significantly associated with severe DKA: lower initial venous pH (p < 0.001) and bicarbonate (p < 0.001), higher initial blood glucose (p < 0.01), urea level (p < 0.05) and baseline serum osmolality (р < 0.05). During the treatment of DKA, low serum phosphate level was found to be significantly associated with CO (p < 0.05). We also found significant dependence between the development of CO and the initiation of treatment for DKA in another facility before hospitalization in our hospital (p < 0.05), bicarbonate application (p < 0.001), higher fluid volume infused initially (p < 0.01) Continue reading >>

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  1. anonymous

    Sample carb up day diet on keto

    Hey starting keto on sunday. Can someone help me out and post a sample carb up day diet plan? Thanks

  2. FunkMasterPhil

    Originally Posted by itsurboyS
    Hey starting keto on sunday. Can someone help me out and post a sample carb up day diet plan? Thanks

    Its kind of hard to just post a carb up sample .. so many carb sources you can choose from depending on what you feel liek eatting for that specific carb up day.. start from high gi to low gi ...
    skim milk, white bread, cereal, candy, white rice, white pasta, sugar and anything high in sugar .... oats, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes, beans
    just make sure you meet your protein requirements and you're set

  3. acrack35

    I am carbing up today and all I can think about is beer and ice-cream. Damn DQ and beer commercials, advertising works I guess....
    I will most likely stay away from the ice-cream but I am for sure having a couple cold ones.

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