Mixed Respiratory And Metabolic Acidosis

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Blood Gas Interpretation

The body normally controls the pH of blood within a tight range. One must always remember that pH is a logarithmic scale and so a change from 8 to 7 is a ten-fold increase in H+ concentration. A normal intracellular pH is required for the functioning of many enzyme systems. When blood becomes profoundly acidotic (pH<7) then cellular function becomes impossible and death ensues. There are a lot of texts available describing the causes of the respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis. However the best way to learn how to interpret blood gases is to practice. Normal Blood gas. The only abnormal result here is the pO2, however this is a venous gas and so the pO2 should be low. This is therefore a normal blood gas. It is important to rule out a diabetic ketoacidosis in children with diabetes who are unwell with high blood sugars. The learning point here is that blood gas analysis doesn’t just have to be performed on arterial blood. A lot can be established from venous or capillary samples. Respiratory Acidosis – Respiratory failure (bronchiolitis). This baby has bronchiolitis. There is a respiratory acidosis. Notice the high oxygen secondary to aggressive oxygen therapy. Trea Continue reading >>

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  1. Mrsollie

    I am 10 weeks into Keto and have never cheated! Two weeks ago I ended having really bad anxiety and threw up at work, left work and as soon as I got home I had diarrhea. Then that was it. Didn't happen anymore that day. I chalked it up to anxiety.

    I decided to try a second extended fast starting last night at 10:15, I want to go a couple days, last time I went 41 hours. Anyway, I decided to try and load up on fats yesterday to try and help with the fast. Then this morning around 2 am I woke up with diarrhea and then I threw up. Haven't had any issues since then. I also didn't have any intense anxiety yesterday. Anyone know what could be causing this? I keep trying to google this, but information is so biased out there. Ketoacidosis keeps popping up and I just don't think that is it...or am I wrong?

  2. Fiorella

    I really really really doubt ketoacidosis is the issue.

    Can you provide more details on your typical eating regime, and what extra fats you ate the day before you had the experience? This will help us provide you with some insight.

  3. Mrsollie

    Yesterday for breakfast I had 3 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs fried in bacon grease, and a small avocado. I also had a small coffee on the side with HWC. Usually I only have coffee for breakfast, but I had a work party in the afternoon and didn't want to be tempted to eat whatever they catered with.
    I went to the party and it was actually burgers! Since I wanted to fast starting that night, I thought it might be ok to eat. So I had a burger on a bed of lettuce with a tomato, cheese and mustard. I also drank a lot of water.
    For dinner, I had some pot roast that was cooked in the crock pot with butter and I mixed some sour cream into mine. Then after dinner I had a few fat bombs that I make in ice cube trays so they aren't very big. Overall, my calorie intake was more than normal according to MFP, but I usually don't monitor that. I just noticed it yesterday.

    I drank a lot of water throughout the day and some Powerade zero as well.

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