Metabolic Acidosis Vs Alkalosis

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5.1 - Metabolic Acidosis : Definition

Acid-Base Physiology A metabolic acidosis is an abnormal primary process or condition leading to an increase in fixed acids in the blood. This causes the arterial plasma bicarbonate to fall to a level lower than expected. The fall in plasma bicarbonate is due to titration of HCO3- by H+. Secondary or compensatory processes which cause a fall in plasma bicarbonate should not be confused with primary processes. A fall in bicarbonate occurring in response to a chronic respiratory alkalosis should be referred to as a compensatory response and never as a �secondary metabolic acidosis�. This distinction between a primary process and a secondary one has been discussed previously in section 3.1.2 when discussing terminology of acid-base disorders. It is of course possible for a patient to have a mixed acid-base disorder with both a metabolic acidosis and a respiratory alkalosis. An example would be an adult presenting following a salicylate overdose. In this situation, direct stimulation of the respiratory centre occurs resulting in a respiratory alkalosis as well as the salicylate-related metabolic acidosis. 'Acid-base pHysiology' by Kerry Brandis -from Acid-Base Physiology 5.2.1 Clas Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. atheista

    My boyfriend suffers from depression and since starting keto a couple of days ago he's been really sensitive. He's seemed a bit withdrawn, and has said that everything's been making him feel really upset. He looked like he almost burst into tears when we were at the vet today and a woman said she was having her dog put down. He couldn't be in there any more and had to go and wait in the car.
    I'd like to hear from other ketoers who suffer from depression. Has keto had an impact on your depression? Improvement? Worsening? No change? Did you go through some tough days when first entering ketosis?
    Thanks :o)
    EDIT: Thank you so much to everyone who has replied, it's been a big help! It's good to see that in the long run people have experienced more positive rather than negative effects. I'll encourage my boyfriend to keep going and get him some supplements to counter any deficiencies. Hopefully he'll be through the worst of it soon!

  2. JenCarpeDiem

    You're only a couple of days into a completely different diet -- that can have a huge effect on your mood, whether depressed or not. I felt awful for the first week or so, but then I felt better. Much better. Far less bad days, and a hell of a lot more normal ones. You both just need to wait this part out, make sure you stay hydrated, stay away from tempting 'sad food' and treat yourselves to some luxurious steak. Once your energy levels work themselves out, he'll feel a whole lot better. :)

  3. new_weather

    Hey man, thanks so much for your comment here- it's the most relevant to my situation I've found on the internet.
    I am about 2 weeks into this keto diet, and I'm feeling rough. I am so depressed, having the crazy vivid dreams, no cravings for carbs just a huge appetite for all my keto foods. Like, I can still eat all day. However, I also just quit smoking week after being a serious pothead. There is a pattern to stopping getting high- initially I lose my appetite completely and I get the vivid dreams (sleep is exhausting!), but then my appetite comes back in full force almost to make up for the lack of calories I got during the 5 or so days of no appetite. So perhaps that's why I am so hungry, despite being good about this keto diet?
    I have not lost any weight at all, think I've gained some, because I have been eating so much. I also just moved to Singapore (hence the quitting smoking weed) and I don't have a ton of friends yet so I have spent a lot of time cooking/food shopping/focusing my life of keto...and eating!
    I don't feel "brain fog" so much, I guess I'm a bit more tired or off-feeling but mostly I am sad. Like, super emotional, want to cry over everything. "Unstable mindset" sums it up well. I haven't found a pharmacy that carries keto stix so I don't even know if I am in ketosis, I don't have most of the "symptoms" but I've been pretty strict about it...
    There isn't really any point to this at all and sorry for choosing you to vent to, but you seem like the only person on the internet going through something similar. I'm struggling, not with sticking to the keto diet, but with not stuffing my face and crying all day. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, considering I just moved across the planet. Thanks for listening.
    Anyway this was 3 months ago, hows it going? Have you been sticking with it? Do you feel better? Is your mental environment more stable? Have the dreams gone away, or is this just something that happens when you sleep that I didn't know about because I've been high for a decade?

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