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Hemodynamic Consequences Of Severe Lactic Acidosis In Shock States: From Bench To Bedside

Hemodynamic consequences of severe lactic acidosis in shock states: from bench to bedside Kimmoun et al.; licensee BioMed Central.2015 The Erratum to this article has been published in Critical Care 2017 21:40 Lactic acidosis is a very common biological issue for shock patients. Experimental data clearly demonstrate that metabolic acidosis, including lactic acidosis, participates in the reduction of cardiac contractility and in the vascular hyporesponsiveness to vasopressors through various mechanisms. However, the contributions of each mechanism responsible for these deleterious effects have not been fully determined and their respective consequences on organ failure are still poorly defined, particularly in humans. Despite some convincing experimental data, no clinical trial has established the level at which pH becomes deleterious for hemodynamics. Consequently, the essential treatment for lactic acidosis in shock patients is to correct the cause. It is unknown, however, whether symptomatic pH correction is beneficial in shock patients. The latest Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines recommend against the use of buffer therapy with pH 7.15 and issue no recommendation for pH lev Continue reading >>

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  1. LadyBugs

    Hi all,
    I guess when I first posted this I should have followed my original plan of counting 99 carbs and not go under. I read from some here that 99 was too much so I lowered my count to 40-60 carbs a day. It only took me 6 weeks to lose 20 lbs but I just got out of hospital because my blood pressure was plummeting to 80's over 40's and I was so weak and dizzy I could not even do anything. Dr said I had protein in my urine and it most likely was from not eating enough carbs which were over taxing my kidneys. Now I have to go to a kidney specialist. Please everyone be careful because some of us should not be on low carb diet to the point it can damage our kidneys. And who can tell who this will happen to until it does. I will definitely make sure my daily carb count is now over 100 carbs. Actually whatever my Dr says this time around. Scared me to death!!! Everyone just be careful !!!! Ask your Dr first I learned the hard way how important that is.

  2. Bobi-p

    I never had any problems with protein in my urine from LC eating, I think that there might be another reason for your misfortune.

  3. LadyBugs

    Please Bobi I went to a reputable Dr and I trust his expertise . Be careful about the advice given. Not you in particular just all of should remember we are not Drs. I am convinced he knows his stuff. Regardless I intend to listen to him as he has not failed in being thorough and correct in diagnosing me for 30 some years and knows my medical history more than anyone I know. But thanx for trying.

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