Metabolic Acidosis Anion Gap

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Medical Mnemonics: Causes Of Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis – “gold Mark”

The classic mnemonic often used to remember the causes of anion gap metabolic acidosis is “MUDPILES” M – Methanol U – Uremia D – Diabetic ketoacidosis P – Propylene Glycol I – Isoniazid L – Lactic Acidosis E – Ethylene Glycol S – Salicylates More recently a new mnemonic has been suggested to update new our understanding of anion-gap generating acids. The updated mnemonic “GOLD MARK” was proposed in a 2008 article in The Lancet. G – Glycols (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol) O – Oxoproline L – L-Lactate D – D-Lactate M – Methanol A – Aspirin R – Renal Failure K – Ketoacidosis As medicine evolves, so do our Mnemonics. This is the fifth medical mnemonic in our series of Monday Mnemonics. Continue reading >>

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  1. darthluiggi

    From our friends at Authority Nutrition
    Sometimes people claim "calories don't count", or that they "eat X number of calories and can't lose weight"...
    This is a great video to show what's likely going on.
    And there is this evidence as well.
    Moral of the story: Track your calories and macros for faster weight loss, folks!

  2. ChiefSittingBear

    Kitchen scales don't lie. I wish every nutrition label was done by weight.

  3. MazidTR

    Just got a kitchen scale, and was inordinately stoked that my estimation of one ounce of cheese has been perfect all along :P

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