Metabolic Acidosis Abdominal Pain Mechanism

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology University of Khartoum, Sudan Introduction DKA is a serious acute complications of Diabetes Mellitus. It carries significant risk of death and/or morbidity especially with delayed treatment. The prognosis of DKA is worse in the extremes of age, with a mortality rates of 5-10%. With the new advances of therapy, DKA mortality decreases to > 2%. Before discovery and use of Insulin (1922) the mortality was 100%. Epidemiology DKA is reported in 2-5% of known type 1 diabetic patients in industrialized countries, while it occurs in 35-40% of such patients in Africa. DKA at the time of first diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is reported in only 2-3% in western Europe, but is seen in 95% of diabetic children in Sudan. Similar results were reported from other African countries . Consequences The latter observation is annoying because it implies the following: The late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in many developing countries particularly in Africa. The late presentation of DKA, which is associated with risk of morbidity & mortality Death of young children with DKA undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed as malaria or meningitis. Pathophysiology Secondary to insulin Continue reading >>

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  1. laurenschofield

    I started the Keto Diet about a week ago, and have definitely been experiencing the "Keto Flu", which I've read about and was ready for. I wasn't ready for a sore throat, though. For the last three days, I've been experiencing the lump-in-the-throat/difficult-to-swallow feeling, like when you get a cold. I'm drinking more than enough water, and hot lemon water helps quite a bit.
    My question is, has anyone else experienced this as a side effect? If so, any way to quell it? Does it go away after a bit? I've done some internet research, but it hasn't pulled up much. Thank you!

  2. grndzro

    You also need electrolytes. not just water.
    Eat 2 bricks of spinach, and take a tsp of lite salt.
    Get some exercise to burn off excess ketones.
    Have a cup of milk.

  3. laurenschofield

    Originally Posted by grndzro
    You also need electrolytes. not just water.
    Eat 2 bricks of spinach, and take a tsp of lite salt.
    Get some exercise to burn off excess ketones.
    Have a cup of milk.

    Excellent, thank you! I'm exercising 5/week, so we're set there. I'll down some spinach tomorrow (gonna leave the milk though, it doesn't agree with my lactose intolerance!)

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