Lactic Acidosis Treatment At Home

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Lactic Acidosis Treatment & Management

Approach Considerations Treatment is directed towards correcting the underlying cause of lactic acidosis and optimizing tissue oxygen delivery. The former is addressed by various therapies, including administration of appropriate antibiotics, surgical drainage and debridement of a septic focus, chemotherapy of malignant disorders, discontinuation of causative drugs, and dietary modification in certain types of congenital lactate acidosis. Cardiovascular collapse secondary to hypovolemia or sepsis should be treated with fluid replacement. Both crystalloids and colloids can restore intravascular volume, but hydroxyethyl starch solutions should be avoided owing to increased mortality. [21] Excessive normal saline administration can cause a nongap metabolic acidosis due to hyperchloremia, which has been associated with increased acute kidney injury. [32] Balanced salt solutions such as Ringer lactate and Plasma-Lyte will not cause a nongap metabolic acidosis and may reduce the need for renal replacement therapy; however, these can cause a metabolic alkalosis. [33] No randomized, controlled trial has yet established the safest and most effective crystalloid. If a colloid is indicated, a Continue reading >>

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  1. jkungcho

    Hello and Happy New Year! I've been on Keto since the start of December. I've had some bad moments (involuntary/voluntary cheats) at the very beginning and know that eating carbage isn't helping me and my health improvement goals and I have those desires absolutely under control. I'm not hungry so I don't eat which is something I've never experienced before! I love this WOE!!!
    Here's my current dilemma. I'm so stinking tired!!! All of the time! I can never get enough sleep! I read that if you're energy levels are low to eat fat. This morning I had some chicken bone broth with butter and coconut oil and took the kids to school. I felt so sleepy behind the wheel and I haven't felt like that in years. I came home and made myself some BPC, but I'm still sooooo tired. I added salt to both my broth and coffee. I feel nauseated and don't feel like eating especially since I'm not hungry and I always used to be hungry. It seems that I typically eat once a day and sometimes twice a day.

    What gives? What am I missing? I am taking daily vitamins, my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds. Do I need to also supplement with magnesium and potassium? I've been getting plenty of fluids. I don't feel like I caught some bug. Am I still converting to fat burning? Feeling confused but not giving up. Thank you in advance!

  2. devhammer

    If you started in December, and haven't been solidly practicing keto throughout that period, you are probably still experiencing keto flu.
    Yes, adding electrolytes can help with some symptoms of keto flu, so consider adding that (do a search for Ketoaid in the box at the top of the forums...that's one way to get them in). Some folks also take some bone broth, with a little added salt & fat, to help.
    Keep the carbs below 20g/day, sufficient protein, and fat to satiety. Keep doing that. If you go another month and still having issues, then you might look at what else to change.

    Fat adaptation isn't instant. And it takes longer for some folks than for others. You'll start to feel it once you're fully fat-adapted. Hang in there.

  3. devhammer

    Moving to the Newbies category, BTW.

    Check the FAQ and pinned posts there (and in the subcategories) for good info.

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