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Lactic Acidosis - Statpearls - Ncbi Bookshelf

Christopher D. Foucher1; Robert E. Tubben2. 2 McLaren Greater Lansing/ Michigan State Lactic acid is produced in physiologically normal processes, andasa common finding in disease states. When increased production is comorbid with decreased clearance, the severity of the clinical course escalates. Importantly, the effects of severely elevated levels of lactic acid can have profound hemodynamic consequences and can lead to death. Serum lactate levels can be both a marker for risk as well as a therapeutic target. The higher the level and the longer the time to normalization of elevated serum lactate, the greater the risk of death. Lactic acid is normally produced in excess by about 20 mmol/kg/day, which enters the bloodstream. It is then metabolized mostly via the liver and the kidney. Some tissues can use lactate as a substrate and oxidize it to carbon dioxide (C02) and water, but only the liver and kidney have the necessary enzymes to utilize lactate for the process of gluconeogenesis. The tissues which normally produce excess lactic acid include the skin, red cells, brain tissue, muscle, and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. During heavy exercise, it is the skeletal muscles which Continue reading >>

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  1. Loulou10

    hi..i'm on levemir
    I have had a few hypos with the numb.tingling sensation ..even extending to my tongue!!!
    but my hypo symptoms constantly change..sometimes it's just a weird feeling..difficult to explain..bit like i'm floating??? although the worst has to be..when i suddenly realised i was walking in the road!!!!
    sat on kerb in ed lol! oh the joy.

  2. mikeb1

    I just started taking the numb lips tonight was at the docs a couple of weeks ago with blinding headaches and I got i bruffen but now I have the numb lips along with the headaches need to go back and see her I mentioned diabetes to her but she dismissed it scary

  3. furball64801

    Hi and welcome to DD those are most times not a sign of diabetes if you are taking insulin then it could go numb.

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