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Alcohol Metabolism

The metabolic pathways for the disposal of excess NADH and the consequent blocking of other normal metabolic pathways is shown in the graphic on the left. The conversion of pyruvic acid to lactic acid requires NADH: Pyruvic Acid + NADH + H+ ---> Lactic Acid + NAD+ This pyruvic acid normally made by transamination of amino acids, is intended for conversion into glucose by gluconeogenesis. This pathway is inhibited by low concentrations of pyruvic acid, since it has been converted to lactic acid. The final result may be acidosis from lactic acid build-up and hypoglycemia from lack of glucose synthesis. Excess NADH may be used as a reducing agent in two pathways--one to synthesize glycerol (from a glycolysis intermediate) and the other to synthesis fatty acids. As a result, heavy drinkers may initially be overweight. The NADH may be used directly in the electron transport chain to synthesize ATP as a source of energy. This reaction has the direct effect of inhibiting the normal oxidation of fats in the fatty acid spiral and citric acid cycle. Fats may accumulate or acetyl CoA may accumulate with the resulting production of ketone bodies. Accumulation of fat in the liver can be allevi Continue reading >>

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  1. furball64801

    Originally Posted by kjsspot
    I've never really been able to wrap my brain around DKA. I don't understand it at all. I mean, test for ketones, sure (never have though) but people who are losing weight will have ketones anyway so how the heck are you supposed to know if it's from regular ketosis or if it's from DKA? So they say you pee alot. Most diabetics pee alot if they are not yet controled. And does DKA go away or does it stay forever if you don't go get it fixed? And how do they fix it anyway? Insulin? If so, than can't a diabetic that takes insulin just take a bit more?
    Its about hydration and high numbers, DKA is deadly especially for a type 1. Ketosis is different then being in DKA they should not be confused with each other. DKA cant stay forever it has to be treated and a hospital is the best place for it to be taken care of.

  2. kjsspot

    OK, that's what I was thinking. So how do you know if ketones on a strip are just K or DKA?

  3. jwags

    If you are eating a ketogenic diet, your bgs should be low. DKA is when you don't have enough insulin on board ( natural or injected) and your bgs go very high 400+. If you are eating low carb and bgs are within normal ranges and you produce ketones it means you are burning fat for energy.

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