Ketotic Hypoglycemia Vomiting Child

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Diagnosis Ketotic Hypoglycemia

T spent three days in the hospital at the beginning of this week. We had him go through a 36 hour fast under medical supervision in order to figure out why he keeps having low blood sugars. The test went alright. He didn’t drop too badly. They monitored sugars and ketones. They wanted him to get down below 50 so that they could do more blood work. Instead he got high ketones which meant that they had to stop the testing before he reached 50. He was at 65 which is low but not dangerously low. But his ketones were at 3.3 when they stopped him and somewhere in the 4s when they finally were able to get the blood drawn an hour later. The poor kid! He has veins like mine that don’t like to be available for blood draws. They kept seeing good veins but couldn’t get the blood out of them. It was so reminiscent, holding him, and having several nurses and residents trying to get blood out of him while he screamed, to what I went through a year ago with S when he was diagnosed with diabetes. I had tears streaming down my face because I couldn’t take it (Aaron had S at this time). But they finally were able to get all the blood that they needed. We are still waiting results. But for now Continue reading >>

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  1. blondeviolin

    Vomiting and possible hypoglycemia in kids? - UPDATED

    My 3yo has had spells of random vomiting for the last few months. I've asked about it here before and someone mentioned possible hypoglycemia. In wondering if it's something to check out more since the last two episodes were when she hardly ate any dinner the night before.
    The most recent was this morning after having hardly any dinner last night. She woke at 6, vomited yellowish liquid till about 8:30/9 and then passed out and slept HARD. She is absolutely fine this afternoon, acting crazy, eating a huge leach, etc.
    She has an appointment with her pedi this afternoon.
    UPDATE: I took her to the pedi who looked completely confused. She conferred with another pedi who also felt like it merited further investigation, so they are sending her to a pedi GI.

  2. myfunnybunch

    Sounds exactly like my youngest two.
    Does her breath smell sweetish?
    If it is the same type of mild hypoglycemia my children had, it is called ketotic hypoglycemia. (If you Google this, use your common sense and ignore the scary stuff unless it actually applies to what you see with your child. I freaked myself out pretty good, lol.) Basically, it means that the child's tolerance for fasting is low. Typically this is a slender child with a high metabolism and low body fat. They can't go without eating for very long. The solution was VERY simple: Make sure they eat a big evening meal and/or have a snack before bed, something like wheat toast with nut butter, cheese and fruit, milk and a half sandwich. Once we figured this out for my sons, we only had two episodes with my youngest, both when we were not paying attention to what he'd eaten for dinner.
    Other tips: Keep lollipops or popsicles on hand to raise the blood sugar more quickly if she does have an episode. And carry a snack in your purse. I found that when my youngest ds started getting cranky when we were out and about, I could almost always trace it back to needing something to eat.
    The good news is that once they grow enough, they've got enough bbody mass to handle it better--my sons have grown out of it, though they both get a little crabby still if they go too long without eating.

  3. Lara

    sounds like hypoglycemia to me!!
    There is a test the Dr can do, but really, you just need to make sure the child eats more protein-- it lasts longer and maintains blood sugar.
    Make sure the child eats something at night (yogurt smoothy with protein powder) ---avoid sugar it will lower the blood sugar.
    Hypoglycemia is where the body makes too much insulin and attacks food (esp sugar) with too much force, so foods high on the glycemic index can actually lower blood sugar.
    Make the child eat more often, you can even wake her and have her drink milk at 3am.
    When there are times of low blood sugar, NOTHING sounds good and all healthy food makes my stomach turn. I will start off with some chocolate milk, then move to something healthy (like an egg)-- I cannot start with an egg or I will barf.
    Less sugar (and breads and flour products) check the things you already serve that have hidden sugar (yogurt come to mind as something we think is healthy, but is high in sugar-- same with granola) --- cereal will drop my blood sugar like a rock.
    More frequent meals--- apples and peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, --- we always have ham in the house for my 12DD,so she can get something she will eat whenever she needs it. We keep honeyed peanuts and beef jerkey in the car for those emergencies when we are out and she is low.
    try for injecting protein and whole veggies into the diet when ever possible.
    all sweets must be tempered with fat and protein---- my children can have cereal-- if they have an egg first. I can have a cookie, but only with whole milk. You can have corn with dinner--after the chicken is eaten)
    hope that helps and feel free to PM me with any questions.

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