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Specialised Diagnostic Products South Africa

The Evolution of Specialised Diagnostic Products used in South Africa It was only during the ‘50s that diagnostic efforts began to rely less exclusively upon physical examination. Before that, physicians demonstrated relatively little dependence on the results of laboratory tests and the plethora of specialised products that have since become so widely used in South Africa today simply did not exist. Since those early days, an entire industry devoted to the development of test procedures, reagents and technologies for use in routine medicine and research has emerged and its evolution has taken two main directions – tests for use in the pathology or medical research laboratories and those for use at the point of care. Among the earliest of these test kits to emerge were those developed by the joint efforts of the Ames and Miles companies, and included Clinitest tablets for the detection and rough quantitation of glucose in urine. The test employed Benedict’s copper sulphate reagent in an exothermic reaction that made boiling unnecessary and could be used either in the laboratory or a consulting room. Later developments saw products such as Albustix and Ketostix – absorbent s Continue reading >>

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  1. carissanbo

    I'm just wondering if there are ways to tell if you're in Ketosis without using the strips. We live in the Outback in Australia in a small town and I'm not sure I would be able to find them here. And to be honest, I really don't feel like checking. I feel that I finally found a WOE that works for me and I'm feeling great and don't want to focus too much on that aspect. So I'm wondering if there are signs to tell me.
    I'm finishing up my 3rd day of induction and to be honest, it's been pretty easy for me. I haven't really had any bad side effects and after supper I have no urges or cravings to eat anything (and no urges for carbs during the day). I have ALWAYS had a snack before bed my whole life, but I've really had no interest.
    I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. If you go to my journal you can check out my menu for today if you'd like to see what I'm eating. And I have lost a few pounds.

  2. Sinbad

    You should update your profile with your weight loss so we can share your happiness
    As for ketosis, I can tell without strips because I sometimes get an odd tinny taste in my mouth, I don't feel hungry or sluggish or headachey at all, and most convincing of all (for me) is that my pee smells almost of acetone... Sometimes it looks almost greenish too but that could be because of the supplements I'm taking (or all the green veggies I'm eating, which I never used to! )
    Of course, the best sign that you're in ketosis/lipolysis is that you're losing weight!
    Good luck with the plan!

  3. btdude

    Agreed. Metal mouth prevails. You are in the bathroom every (at least) 35.4 minutes.

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