Ketosis When To Eat Carbs

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Can You Eat Anything To Burn Fat As Long As You Are Below Your Caloric Deficit? Or Do You Have To Have A Low Carb Diet To Get Into Ketosis?

Good questions! First, our bodies need fuel and the first fuel they use is sugars (or carbs), so if you’re eating “anything” as you suggest the only way you would start to burn fat would be if your caloric deficit were enough that you needed to burn more fuel than the sugars and carbs you were putting in your body. This is physically possible on low calorie diets (which is why so many people try them), but usually in order to keep your calories low enough, you will be very hungry all the time. Also, once your body burns the carbs and sugars you eat, it will move on to the fats you eat each day and burn those before it stores them - so you may never lose the excess fat that is stored in your body which is why most people go on calorie-restricted diets to begin with. The difference between a calorie-restricted diet and a low carb diet - or specifically the Ketogenic diet - is that YOU are determining what your body uses for fuel by not giving it carbs and sugars. When your body doesn’t have access to carbs and sugars for fuel, it automatically switches to burning fat - both the fat you eat each day and the excess fat stored in your body. And when your body switches from burni Continue reading >>

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  1. tiger_lily5

    Hey ladies, this question is for you. Have any of you noticed a change in your cycle since being on keto? ie heavier or lighter periods, early or late on timing? Just curious if its affected you at all and if it was just a change in the beginning or it kept fluctuating.

  2. strawmama

    My cycle cam early...like 2.5 weeks early my first month, but it has since leveled out to once a month. I have less cramping and stomach problems...big bonus.

  3. LilMamaBear125

    I'm still like a clock on a timer here...

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