Ketosis When Dying

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The Beginners Guide To Ketosis: Investigating Low-carb, High-fat Eating

The only hard and fast rule of health is that health is personal and what works well for one person may not work for someone else. Aside from that rule, there are “frameworks” that seem to benefit large groups of people. One more level down from that are alternative strategies that benefit smaller groups. Ketosis is likely one of those alternative strategies that works well for certain, smaller groups of people. So, right off the bat I want you to understand that Ketosis might not be for everyone. I’m going to lay out the case for potential benefits of Ketosis. If it sounds interesting and beneficial to you, then consider trying it. (see our free cheat sheet to help you). What is Ketosis Ketosis occurs when liver glycogen gets depleted and the body burns fatty acids for fuel. The primary driver of this state is a very low carbohydrate intake. Often, it also requires a low protein, higher fat intake. You can also achieve a state of ketosis by not eating altogether. The creation of ketones is a byproduct of this metabolic state. Ketones are a source of fuel, just as glucose is a source of fuel. Ketones tend to have some added benefits, though. What role does Ketosis play in hum Continue reading >>

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  1. Javilionaire

    I can't get into Ketosis, this is torture and I feel like dying.

    I tried the keto diet for 1 week. It was pure torture. I felt hungry ALL the time and I NEVER felt satisfied after my meals.
    I was eating all the correct macros, but I just can't feel full without eating at least 100-200g of carbs per day.
    What advice would you guys give me?
    EDIT: How do I calculate my Keto macros?
    I know that I need 1g per lb of lean body mass for protein. So that's 170g of protein, I think i'll raise it a bit more and decrease fats though as that'll make things easier.
    My total body weight is 200lbs and my maintenance calories are 3000. I'm going to have a deficit of 500-600 calories. I don't want to lose any muscle, although that's going to be impossible.
    What % of my total calories should be fats and carbs?
    This thread says I need 0g of carbs http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=36497
    I think that's a little extreme, how many grams of carbs should I actually have? 0 carbs is not possible.
    These are what my macros look like at the moment:
    180g Fat ---- 180g Protein ----- 20g Carbs ------ Calories 2420
    Does that Look about right?
    PS I've started keto again today and my brain is slowly switching off so I'm sorry for any dumb questions.

  2. Grifts

    Eating 0g of carbs is not really possible if you are including veggies as you are supposed to. Keep grain based foods to a minimum. You will get some residual carbs from broc****, lettuce, etc.
    Some people have to keep it below 20g, some people can eat up to 100g of carbs. The longer you do your diet, the more you will get a feel for how many carbs you can/cant eat and remain in keto.
    That said, as long as you are in a deficit, you will lose weight.
    Your macros look pretty solid.

  3. calutaxi

    You're right, there's no such thing as "no carbs". Even your meats, eggs, and all that stuff have a small amount of carbs in them.
    The easiest thing to do is stick to say under 30g carbs per day, get your protein, and fill in the rest with fat.
    The being hungry part is likely your body fighting you to stay on a glucose based metabolism. When I first started I had days where I was ravenously hungry too. Up your water intake, and get some fat/protein in you, and that should help with it.

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