Ketosis Weight Loss Rate

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How Much Weight Can You Lose In Ketogenic Diet Per Week?

how much weight can you lose in ketogenic diet per week? Average weight loss ketosis diet-I need to lose my weight fast, right now, right here. I can’t wait longer because I cannot wear my favorite clothes for party, wedding, concert, dating etc. Have you ever thought it? We wait until the last day; and begin panic and try to search methods to lose weight fast. You only get 3-5 kg (6,6-11 lb) or nothing. You don’t see the different but you feel weak and dehydrated. Keto diet is safe to lose your weight fast, but what’s keto diet weight loss rate? I am very sure that there are only people who are in ketogenic diet among my readers. Well, I am absolutely sure of that. So, what’s the keto diet weight loss rate? After all, you can wear your a sexy dress next week. So, let’s find out what is the weight loss rate; on a ketogenic diet. First of all, we need to figure out, how calories burned with a keto diet?. The principle of calorie burning is simple; although to be honest; I don’t agree with it. It is still complicated for me. I think everything is mostly difficult to our bodies. Well I will explain simply with detailed information without make you feel dizzy and bother you Continue reading >>

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  1. SnowPetal

    Per week weightloss that is.

  2. thepapillon

    I've done this a few times while trying to lose weight... and am doing it now. I would say the first week you lose a lot. (5-7 pounds or so) After the first week I found it reduces to more like 3-4 pounds. I think it also depends on your weight. If you have extra weight, it'll come off easier than someone trying to get those last few pounds off. Good luck!

  3. SnowPetal

    That's good to know, thanks.
    I am also doing a lower calorie ketogenic diet as well. I'm hoping I can lose a pound a day like the hcg diet. But I will see.

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