Ketosis Weight Loss Rate

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Ketosis Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Ketosis Weight Loss: Does It Really Work? If you are like a staggering number of Americans, you are overweight and desperate to shed pounds. Like many, you’ve probably tried a number of diets in the past, and none of them have worked. The reasons diets fail are numerous and varied: some require drastic reductions in calories which simply cannot be maintained for a long period of time; others ask that you cut out a variety of foods, which you eventually start to crave; and then there are those that are simply built around faulty science. There’s good news on the horizon, though. A new kind of diet has been emerging as of late. Have you heard about the ketosis diet? The Ketosis Diet Plan Says Eat More Fat Traditional diets encourage you to stay away from fat. According to their logic, your body is already overloaded with fat, so you don’t need to add more. While this may seem rational when considered in simplest terms, the concept doesn’t work for most people because a reduction in fat often leads to severe cravings. There are simply not enough low-calorie, low-fat foods to keep many dieters engaged and satisfied. The ketosis weight loss diet plan, unlike others, actually enc Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. tuffnut

    how much weight do you lose per week on keto?

    Just curious, on average what do you lose each week?

  2. Lunchbox419

    Originally Posted by tuffnut
    Just curious, on average what do you lose each week?

    Depends on how hard you workout.. what you eat. You shock your system the first week and some. You could easily lose 10-12lbs in that time frame. It'll mostly be water weight tho. Realistically you're looking to lose between 1-2 lbs per week. You could lose more, but you don't want to lose too fast.

  3. Danceruk

    3-4lb per week
    depends on the individual, weight ...actvitity etc

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