Ketosis Urine Color

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Ketosis Strips

Source Many low-carbohydrate dieters utilize ketosis strips as a way to determine whether their body is reacting to the low-carb or low glycemic diet appropriately. The small strips test urine and measure whether or not you have achieved ketosis. Ketosis and Low-Carbohydrate Diets The father of the low-carbohydrate diet, Dr. Robert Atkins, brought the concept of ketosis to the popular consciousness when he penned his first book, Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, in 1972. At the time, Dr. Atkins suggested that in the process of a low-carbohydrate diet, the body achieves a process known as ketosis. When you are in ketosis, your body is burning stored fat as its primary source of fuel, causing ketones to enter your urine. Ketosis strips allow you to measure whether you are in ketosis. If you aren't in ketosis when low-carbohydrate or semi-low-carbohydrate dieting, then you may need to reduce carbohydrates further or look for hidden sugars in the foods you're eating. Signs of Ketosis Aside from using ketosis strips to test for ketosis, you may also notice other signs indicating you have entered this metabolic state, including: Bad breath Metallic taste in your mouth Increased energy, or even Continue reading >>

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  1. stacy0912

    i remember reading in atkins book (92 version) that if the urine is dark then your in ketosis...well, my urine was dark until today..and maybe other days it may be dark but once or twice it isn't...if someone is in ketosis is it always dark? does that mean i'm not in it anymore? i've been wondering if i may have fallen out of it by hitting 30 carbs daily here and there. it's my TOM this week so my weight hasn't changed AT ALL, 2 weeks now. this happened last month where there was no weight change for 2 weeks during the pms time but the following week i caught up to lose my 15 pounds a month goal....if any one has suggestions or ideas on this subject i'll gladly appreciate it...

  2. MyJourney

    I dont know about dark urine. My urine is never dark because I drink large amounts of water and I am certainly in ketosis. Darker urine, from what I understand, is a sign of dehydration. Perhaps you are thinking of a darker reading on a ketone strip?

  3. stacy0912

    no, i never have used the strips. i do remember reading that there are two ways of telling if your in ketosis if you don't use the strips, one was the color of urine and the other was the low carb 'bad breath'..i drink 80 oz of water a day, sometimes only 60-70 so i don't think i'm dehydrated...

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