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A Quick Primer On The Ketone Test Strips...

A Quick primer on the Ketone Test Strips... Questions about ketones, ketosis, KetoStix, and its implications and misconceptions have always been one of the most common querries at Low Carb Luxury. We'll try and clear up some of those mysteries here. So... what are they? You'll hear them referred to as KetoStix (the original brand name), Urine Test Strips, Reagent Strips, Ketone Testing Strips, and Lipolysis Test Strips. Depending on the plan you follow and whether you are new to this way of life, or an old timer from the 70's, you'll be referring to them as one name or another if your plan calls for being in Ketosis. Please note, we're not here to debate the merits of Ketogenic vs non-Ketogenic diets here, so don't send me mail of disagreement. For me personally, being in Ketosis is my ideal state and keeps my body's systems at their best. The Ketosis we're talking about here is what Dr. Atkins refers to as "Benign Dietary Ketosis" (or BDK), and should never be confused with Acidosis — a dangerous state for diabetics and those in advanced starvation where acetone builds in the blood and tissues. People will sometimes tell you that producing ketones is dangerous for the body. This Continue reading >>

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  1. aidansammel

    I started the ketogenic lifestyle plan by eating 2 avos a day for two days to get myself inyp ketosis. At the end of the second day, my ketone levels(according to ketostix) was 1.5 or "small". On the third day I decided to go straight intp eating the diet and went to a buffet. There I ate a ton of salad, sausage, bacon and chicken. When I gpt home 3 hours later, my ketone levels were extraordinarily high at 8.0 or "large" (again according to the urine). Any ideas on what could have caused such a high result so quickly?

  2. Sheri_Knauer

    In all honesty, the keto urine strips are only good for testing to see if you are in ketosis or not. The color does not make a difference. You are either in ketosis or not in ketosis. When you see a darker color (or higher number), it does not mean you are "more" in ketosis than if it was a lighter color (or lower number). The intensity of the color really just indicates that you may be on the dehydrated side. The darker the purple, you need to drink some more water. Now if there was no change in color at all, then there are no ketones and you are not in ketosis. After a few weeks, the urine strips are ineffective because as you become fat adapted, you no longer spill ketones into your urine, so then if you want to continue to measure ketones, you either have to invest in a blood glucose/ketone meter or a breath meter. A read a lot of times people start wondering what they are doing wrong when they have been keto for a month or 2 and are suddenly no longer in ketosis because the keto urine strips show negative. It just means the body is becoming more efficient at utilizing the ketones. Because you fasted for 2 days, you went through your stores of glucose in those 2 days and started producing ketones.

  3. Daniel

    dehydration, or alcohol consumption within the last 24 hours could be the cause. either way, drink more water!

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