Ketosis Test Strips

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What Are Ketone Test Strips?

When your blood sugar runs high for an extended period of time, your body turns to fat reserves in order to get the energy it needs. The byproduct of this process is ketones, which show up in your blood and urine. Ketones can indicate hyperglycemia, which can be a serious situation if not treated properly. Ketone test strips can help determine the level of ketones in either urine or blood. Testing ketones with a blood-based test strip that you insert in a meter is just like testing your blood sugar. Testing with a urine strip means you either collect a small sample of urine or urinate directly onto the strip. Though testing with blood might be more accurate, it is also much more expensive. That's why so many of those with diabetes chose to go with urine ketone test strips. Understanding ketone test strip results Urine ketone test strips are looking for acetoacetic acid in the urine. This acid reacts with nitroprusside, a chemical in the strip, to produce a color. This color corresponds with a chart that comes packaged along with your test strips, usually on the outside of the vial. Typically, the results include negative, trace, moderate or large ketones. Negative ketones are a goo Continue reading >>

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  1. slobey

    Ketone Test strips

    Hey all,
    Today I tested my urine for ketones. I have a "trace" of in my body (5 ml/dg). Small=15 , moderate= 40 and large= 80-160.
    I have only being doing keto diet for a week so im not sure what results im supposed to see yet. Does anyone know which amount above would technically put me in ketosis? Also, if my carb re-feed days are sundays, should I be testing my urine on a certain day, or how often should I be testing it?

  2. mw818

    trace means you're in ketosis which is where you wanna be. The deeper purple you go, the more water you should be drinking from what i recall. It usually takes me 24 hours after my carb-ups to begin ketosis again. Good luck!

  3. xosaraxo2010

    Originally Posted by mw818
    trace means you're in ketosis which is where you wanna be. The deeper purple you go, the more water you should be drinking from what i recall. It usually takes me 24 hours after my carb-ups to begin ketosis again. Good luck!

    See I was curious about this.. I have been under 15g's of carbs per day (usually under 10 even) and I'm at the faintest of traces.. but I drink almost 4 liters of water a day during the week (weekends I slack on the water as I'm not at work.. and out and about doing things)..

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