Ketosis Symptoms Urine Color

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Does Your Urine Look Like Coca Cola? - Go Straight To Hospital - Rhabdomyolysis

Introduction If you ever hear of relatively fit and healthy young people dropping dead during strenuous activity you normally think of heart related causes like cardiomyopathy or a straightforward myocardial infarction (heart attack). There is a another potential cause which I would like to discuss and is not as rare as people might think. It is called Rhabdomyolysis and it affects about 26000 people a year annually in the US. I will first cover my own personal experience followed by a brief overview of what this disorder is. N.B. This is intended for regular non-medical people to read and is not a guide for clinicians. If you are a heath professional I would reccomend this article on Medscape (note login/registration maybe required) for a more clinically focussed approach. My Experience Idiot at the Gym In 2012 I decided to go back to the Gym to work on my shrinking musculature. (Note the photos is not me!) Being a textbook idiot I decide to lift weights with my ego rather than using my actual muscles or utilising my brain at all. It had been a good few years since I had gotten out of the habit of going to the gym, but despite this I was trying (very badly) to lift the same kind o Continue reading >>

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  1. eyemkeith

    I know ketosis has been talked about a lot on this forum. I think I've read nearly all of it, searching for an answer to my questions. I've gotten lots and lots of good information about ketosis-- the whens, the whys, the ins and the outs -- but what I haven't been able to glean is when two particular side effects go away, if at all.
    Forgive me if this has been covered and I just missed it, but I currently have both the unpleasant side effects from ketosis -- the metallic taste in my mouth that is akin to having a sucrose-laden tin foil ball in my mouth AND the "cat pee'' sweat smell, which is also lovely.
    I've been on this diet now for about 5 months, and I'm zeroing in on 30 lbs. shed so far, which is lovely. And I feel great, generally speaking.
    But, dude, when does the cat pee smell go away, if at all? I've had that now for months, and it doesn't show signs of letting up.
    The metallic taste actually just started this week, which I found odd. And at first, I thought I was tasting the after-effects of the air fresheners my wife keeps basically following me around with because of my foul sweat smell. But then it didn't go away, and finally figured out that I was now getting the other ketosis present.
    I like shedding the weight. I like the new relationship with food. I like feeling good and not worrying about counting calories and crap. But these two things, they go away after a certain point, yes?
    Oh, what to do?

  2. ChocoTaco369

    I did keto for 7 weeks back last year. Ah, the side effects.
    Awful breath? Check.
    Weird metallic taste in saliva? Check.
    Smelly urine? Check.
    Overall lack of energy for intense workouts? Check.
    Don't get me wrong, I felt physically fine on ketosis, but doing sprints or lifting heavy weights was a bitch. The biggest side effect of all is the lousy food choices. Great, so I get meat, some nuts, a little cheese and 2 cups of spinach a day...yea...that's great.
    Why are you doing keto? Why not eat 50-70g of carbs a day? You should still see fat loss but you'll actually be able to enjoy your meals since vegetables are back on the table. You can't even eat a reasonable salad on keto. I eat 15g of carbs worth of lettuce in my lunch salad alone. Since I'm not going to eat a stick of butter for a snack, if you're hungry, you're pretty much relegated to meat, which puts you into too high levels of protein which has the same insulinogenic problem as carbs. I wouldn't do keto again...

  3. Bobandy

    I'm in the same boat, about a month into eating primal.
    I've known about the metal taste and the bad breath. I was a big sugarfree gum chewer before going primal (from quitting smoking), and cant quit the habit because of my breath. I think the next step is to keep a mini bottle of mouthwash handy.
    I never thought about the funky BO, but I think I get that too. Its summer and I've been working in a super hot unventilated abandoned warehouse (starting demolition), and I come home every day smelling pretty funky. I thought it was just the nasty warehouse funk rubbing off on me, but maybe not.
    Not quite is bad, is that I've noticed my urine is pretty funky too, and it quite a bit yellower then it has been in the past. Not sure if its related, but just an observation.
    I have been told by my brother-in-law, who has sort of been my primal mentor and got me started, that it does go away.
    But I think we can both agree that the benefits out weigh these symptoms. Gum and deodorant!

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