Ketosis Symptoms Urine

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Ketosis: Symptoms, Signs & More

Every cell in your body needs energy to survive. Most of the time, you create energy from the sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream. Insulin helps regulate glucose levels in the blood and stimulate the absorption of glucose by the cells in your body. If you don’t have enough glucose or insufficient insulin to get the job done, your body will break down fat instead for energy. This supply of fat is an alternative energy source that keeps you from starvation. When you break down fat, you produce a compound called a ketone body. This process is called ketosis. Insulin is required by your cells in order to use the glucose in your blood, but ketones do not require insulin. The ketones that don’t get used for energy pass through your kidneys and out through your urine. Ketosis is most likely to occur in people who have diabetes, a condition in which the body produces little or no insulin. Ketosis and Ketoacidosis: What You Need To Know Ketosis simply means that your body is producing ketone bodies. You’re burning fat instead of glucose. Ketosis isn’t necessarily harmful to your health. If you don’t have diabetes and you maintain a healthy diet, it’s unlikely to be a problem. Wh Continue reading >>

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  1. emberleo

    Hi guys this may be tmi but I just want to see what I can do to fix it or what I'm doing wrong. I'm closing out my 3rd week on this diet and the last couple of days I've had the real strong urine smell from ketosis and rash like symptoms. Am I not drinking enough water potentially? Or eating too much protein potentially? I'm not feeling too well. I feel a bit weighed down with acid. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Art3mis

    the urine smell will pass (or maybe i do not notice it as much YEEP!)....the rash i can not speak to, however, could be just the stress your body is going through while it adjusts, OR it could be your sensitive to something in the IP packets, OR it could be not related at all.
    a few questions...
    how much water are you drinking?
    where is the rash? all over, certain places? does anything make it go away, or is it always there?
    have you ever had your Blood sugar tested? if so, how long ago?
    describe the "not feeling too well"....while your body is adjusting you will feel like poop but its kinda certain symptoms...so what are yours?

  3. Jez

    What does weighed down with acid mean?

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