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What Is Good For Heavy Metal Detoxification? And Does Going Into Ketosis Help?

Let me start with mercury because in some ways it is the most difficult heavy metal to excrete efficiently. Mercury bonds efficiently to sulfur, much better than it bonds to oxygen. Lead bonds to oxygen better, and this defines a critical difference in detox between different heavy metals. The body can have a high mercury burden and be asymptomatic. Teenagers with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy suddenly drop dead; that's how we find out they have toxic mercury burdens in their heart muscles. In humans, mercury is detoxified by binding to glutathione (GSH), which binds to mercury (Hg) by its sulfur (S) atoms. Glutathione is abbreviated GSH to emphasize the sulfhydryl (SH) active group, which when it bonds to mercury becomes GS-Hg-SG (two bonds to the sulfur (S) of glutathione). The H of GSH is replaced with mercury. This bound form of mercury is our body's primary mercury-defense mechanism, for storage in the cells and for elimination through the liver into the bile. The latter is where the problem begins. When mercury enters the digestive tract in bile, it runs into microorganisms. Bacteria hate mercury in the glutathione-bound form. It gets into their systems very efficiently, Continue reading >>

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  1. Hira Mailk

    Having bad breath is kind of like getting toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your foot: usually harmless, but so awkward that nobody will tell you about it. At the microbial level, bad breath happens when the naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths break down

  2. Roy Chambers

    This is a really interesting question. Let me start you off with a fun fact. If you rub raw onions on someone’s feet then 10 minutes later they will have the taste of onions in their mouth and have onion breath.
    The reason is that the onion smell gets into their blood and then travels around the body.
    So basically the moral of the story is that your breath is a combination of what you just ate and internal sources. These include
    Things that get into blood (eg onion or alcohol and th)

    Bacteria in your mouth.

    The morning breath thing comes mostly from bacteria on the tongue, which is why you can buy a tongue brush as well as a toothbrush.

  3. Deepak Jaiswal

    What have we eaten before starvation ,The food particles of that got stucked in our teeth and between cheeck and gum.after a couple of time, bacteria starts fermentation on it. in particular, food particles start rottening. so as we know every rottening substance smells bad because of they evolve bad smelling gas.thats why our mouth smells bad after long starvation. (Fact- generally our mouth has more bacteria than on the toilet seat)

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