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Will Low-carb Diets Cause Blood Sugar Levels To Drop?

Video of the Day If you're accustomed to eating a very high-carb diet and suddenly switch to a very low-carb diet, you could experience rather dramatic drops in your blood sugar during the first few days or weeks of your transition. This low blood sugar can cause notably uncomfortable side effects and intense cravings. Carbs and Blood Sugar Your body converts consumed carbohydrates into glucose, a type of sugar. When the glucose enters your bloodstream, it leads to an increase in your blood sugar level. The pancreas produces insulin in response to spikes in blood sugar, which helps your body store the sugar for energy. This insulin release subsides when your cells absorb the sugar and your levels stabilize. In a healthy body, the surge of blood sugar and insulin is relatively moderate and keeps you evenly motoring through your day. When you eat lots of carbohydrates, your body's blood sugar remains consistently high and your system constantly pumps out insulin. This chronic elevation of blood sugar and release of insulin causes inflammation, an increase in fat storage and an inability to burn stored fat. Chronically high blood sugar levels increase your risk of disease, including h Continue reading >>

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  1. BobbyW

    Keto Sticks - Walgreens USA

    For those that want a good bargain and feel that you need them, todays Sunday (11-Jan-2004) Walgreens flyer has "Thinz Metabo Stix" 25 count for $9.99usd "Sale Priced"
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  2. LeddySS98

    not too rain on your parade or anything, but I got mine from Rite Aid 100 sticks for $15

  3. reuabledats

    What kind did you get at Rite Aide, Bayer?

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