Ketosis Liver Pain

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A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause A Fatty Liver

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  1. Shola

    Has anyone ever had liver pains whn getting into ketosis. I was 4 days into ketosis last week and developed a sharp pain in my liver area, i thought it was just a pulled muscle but my doc said it was deeper...my scans showed fatty liver, which i've had since my first pregnancy but everything else seemed clear. i'm fine today(had a cheat with brown bread yest but back on track today) but i'm still wondering if the pain could hav been linked to lowcarbing somehow...?

  2. Elizellen

    The only pain I experienced when starting low carbing was a terrible stomach cramp - which vanished once I had managed to have a bowel movement after a few days of being constipated!!

  3. jaywood

    The most likely pain in the liver area when you switch to high fat is gall bladder pain. You could have had a wee stone that needed to pass which would cause a sharp pain in the same area.
    If it happens again, you can look up Murphy's sign on youtube. It is a crude test but will give an indication of if it is liver / gall balder.
    Obviously if it gets worse, or becomes more constant then head back tot he Doc. :-)

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