Ketosis Kidney Pain

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The Truth About Low Carb, High Protein And Fat Ketogenic Diets

This has mutated into various forms from the South Beach Diet in California to the Dukan Diet in France, the Real Meal Revolution in South Africa and the Total Wellbeing Diet in Australia. It is not dissimilar to the paleo or Stone Age diets which shun grains and other carbs in favour of lots of meat plus vegetables, on the basis that it is what our ancestors ate. The central idea is that, by eating lots of fat and protein, and virtually no carbs, the body’s metabolism switches from burning glucose to burning ketones and goes into a state of ‘ketosis’. Think of ketones as a back-up fuel when times are hard – it’s what we survive off when we burn our own fat in times of starvation. Since fat converts most easily into ketones, low-carb diets recommend lots of high fat meats and dairy products, despite neither being part of our ancestors diet. There have been lots of studies that show: that it works for weight loss, but no better than my kind of low GL diet, which advocates a bit more protein, less and the right kind of low GL carbs that it works for diabetes reversal and lowering blood fats (triglycerides made from glucose) that it’s not the ketosis that makes the diet wo Continue reading >>

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  1. teamzissous

    I made a post a little while back about having consistent bladder and or kidney pains whenever I was in ketosis. It took a while to correlate the pain with low carb (originally thought I may have a hernia, even a doctor thought so and ordered a CT scan, found nothing and gave up on me)
    One redditor (THANK YOU SoftwareMaven) suggested an acidic urine pH. After charting my pain and testing my urine with rapid response urinalysis strips I found that my urine was much too acidic, and it correlated with the pain.
    Apparently ketones tend to make your urine more acidic and you HAVE to balance out your protein/meat intake with alkalizing vegetables (fruits really help too) I've been following the PRAL food lists in order to help keep my urine more alkaline.
    It was also suggested that I try adding some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to some water if I was eating a particularly acidic forming meal, and IT WORKS!
    There are also some supplementary benefits of baking soda according to examine.com, it has the same benefits of supplementing with beta alanine (reduces muscle burn when taken 60-90 min before a workout) They also note that a study has shown it has no significant effect on your blood pressure, good to know.
    note: I make a point to drink a TON of water, but it is not sufficient to balance out my urine pH.
    TL;DR Thank you SoftwareMaven! Ketosis can make your urine too acidic causing kidney/bladder pain. Eat more alkalizing vegetables (and/or fruit). Also drinking baking soda and water with your acidic forming meal can also keep your pee balanced.

  2. emag

    It's interesting that acidic foods like lemon juice, orange juice, tomatoes, and vinegar all exert a base effect...

  3. happee

    What about coffee? It's pretty acidic, would it exert a base effect as well?

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