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Keto Diet Week 1: My Keto Diet Journey

Okay friends, the Keto Diet Week 1 results are in! When I was deciding to live the ketogenic lifestyle, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. Thankfully, I was wrong! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. The first week I went easy on myself. I knew that I didn’t have enough food in the house to work within my goals, so I decided to simply cut out all gluten. No bread, crackers, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Okay, you get it. I was amazed by the results of cutting out gluten. After a few days, I noticed that my belly wasn’t swelling after every meal (something that started this past year), and I felt full of energy. I was always full after every meal and didn’t feel the emotional desire to eat. I did crave sugar a little, but it wasn’t that bad. If I craved sugar, I would just eat frozen fruit or an apple. This seemed to work very well for me. I also noticed that I wasn’t swelling anymore. Before cutting out bread, I had experienced swelling in my hands and feet. I don’t really know what was causing it, but it was annoying and painful. My guess is that bread and the fake sugars in the sodas were causing me to swell and retain water. After one week of cuttin Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. [deleted]

    Today is my second day on keto and to my surprise, I feel great. I'm a sugar addict and I was positive that my first and second day would probably be the worst. Yesterday I felt pretty good and today too, so far. I do have a slight headache, though. I wonder if it'll get worse... Hopefully not!
    Anwyays, if you're on keto for some time now, can you share with us how was your first few days?


    Is this just a first week keto thing, or an always keto thing?

  3. papertygur

    Can confirm this is an always thing.

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