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The Perks Of Fasting, With None Of The Work

“If there’s a downside, it is kind of crazy tasting,” said Geoff Woo, the founder of HVMN, a Silicon Valley company that makes nootropics, or performance-enhancing supplements. We were in a conference room in The Atlantic’s office building, and he was bracing me for my trial run of his latest product. It was a small, clear vial labeled “Ketone,” a new type of energy drink his company is releasing this week. Its nutrition label says it contains 120 calories, but no carbs, no fat, and no protein. Instead, it’s all ketones, the chemical that Woo and his company are calling a “fourth food group.” He hopes the drink will allow people to reap the benefits of occasional fasting—high ketone levels inside the body—without actually having to not eat. I unscrewed the top and, college-days muscle memory kicking in, chugged it like a shot of Captain Morgan. It tasted like cough syrup that had been poured into a garbage bag and left in the sun. “Augh!” I cried. “I compare it to a combination of a liquor shot with nail-polish remover,” Woo said. Woo’s coworker, Brianna Stubbs, went to fetch me a glass of water. “We’ve done a lot of work to make it better,” sh Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. SnowPetal

    Per week weightloss that is.

  2. thepapillon

    I've done this a few times while trying to lose weight... and am doing it now. I would say the first week you lose a lot. (5-7 pounds or so) After the first week I found it reduces to more like 3-4 pounds. I think it also depends on your weight. If you have extra weight, it'll come off easier than someone trying to get those last few pounds off. Good luck!

  3. SnowPetal

    That's good to know, thanks.
    I am also doing a lower calorie ketogenic diet as well. I'm hoping I can lose a pound a day like the hcg diet. But I will see.

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