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A Real Keto Os Review With Blood Test Results!

So I am sure you have heard of KETO OS by Pruvit product. The ketone product that gets you into ketosis in 30 minutes*. Just like you, I went to their site and read all the reviews and learned more about the product. Yes! even I did get excited about this product after reading all the great things it can do. Fat loss – especially in the abdominal area* Break Fat Loss Plateaus* Increased Focus and Mental Clarity (no brain fog)* Reduced Hunger (appetite suppression) Improved Gut Health* Reduced Inflammation* Fast and Sustained Energy – no crashes* Strength Gain* Better Sleep* Clearer and brighter skin* Ok, that is pretty damn impressive but we all know that those are the core benefits of being in ketosis. As well it’s just overall great for the mind and body – and on top of that this drink gets you in ketosis in 30 minutes?* KETO//OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistence and efficacy. But before I recommend or support a product to my clients – I needed to test this for myself. WHY WAS I SKEPTICAL (BEFORE TRYING IT) I was VERY skeptical about “exogenous ketones” which are basically ketones that your body isn’t producing – but rather you’re consuming Continue reading >>

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  1. Redirish86

    So general curiosity here adhering to Keto 100% do any of you have a few Keto friendly drinks once a week? Like Diet Coke and rum or whiskey? Also how badly does this set you back or have you noticed it does?

  2. Izerian

    This category is for discussing low carb options for Alcohol as well as science specific to alcohol metabolism by a fat adapted human.
    Good place to start. I'm on my phone else I'd elaborate more. My understanding is that zero carb alcoholic drinks are fine, if you're willing to put ketosis on pause while your body cleans out the alcohol from your blood.

    Like I said, that's my understanding.

  3. Minivanmachoman

    I used to do this and then moved to whiskey on the rocks, then to whiskey straight, then to no booze for various reasons since June 2016.
    Booze was a double edged sword for me. Good times, but I had a tendency to really eat a ton during and after. Diet cola also seems to produce an insulin response in me so I have been off that as well.
    Some people can have booze and be aok, others, like me, are hit or miss. Try it out and see what works for you! You probably already know this but take it slow on the booze, your tolerance will be way down.
    Good Luck!

    Edit:grammar and spelling are hard.

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