Ketosis Breath Smells Like Alcohol

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Why Alcohol Lingers On Your Breath

Let’s talk about a good summertime topic today — “alcohol breath.” Well, OK, it’s really not “exclusively” a summertime topic — whether it’s a summer bbq or wintertime cheer, alcohol is prevalent in any season. But for many people, summer bbqs, concerts, ballgames, the beach, a day at the pool, etc., all lend themselves to drinking a nice cold one, so we’ll talk about it now. Basically, the main questions people usually ask about alcohol and bad breath are threefold: Why does “alcohol breath” stay around so long, why is it so hard to get rid of and just what is that smell/terrible mouth feeling the morning after? We’ll discuss all three. To start, it’s sometimes assumed that alcohol itself has no smell (or taste), and what you are smelling in that bottle of whiskey is the other ingredients, etc. I found a lot of disagreement with this online, with some experts/places saying it does have a smell (1), and others saying it doesn’t (2). However, I have never personally smelled alcohol that didn’t have an odor. Even vodka, which is supposed to be odorless, has a smell (to me, anyway). So put me down in the camp that smells something, even with pure alcoho Continue reading >>

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  1. Robert Laurens Driessen

    Only you know what you put in your body. Anything we would say would be speculation.
    Robert Driessen
    Mr. Driessen is a former Deputy DA in Orange County with over 8 years of criminal law experience. Nothing stated on this site shall in anyway be construed as legal advice, or as creating any attorney client relationship. If you would like to hire Mr. Driessen, feel free to contact him at www.theocduiguy.com.
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  2. Appleton

    I am an OWI/DUI attorney and am a diabetic too. One side effect of being diabetic is that you may appear intoxicated when you are not, and you may appear to have the odor of alcohol on your breath when you in fact do not. PBT machines are not accurate or able to be utilized at trial in Wisconsin because they are so inaccurate.

  3. Shawn Michael Haggerty

    You can always contact your physician and/or pharmacist regarding sideeffects and indications from the meds. Mr. Dreissen is very correct. At .041, there is a presumption that you are not intoxicated. You need at attorney if your job is in jeopardy. What test was that?

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