Ketosis Breath Cure

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Keto Breath: Causes And Solutions

Have you ever heard the term “caveman breath”? If you are on a ketogenic diet, chances are, you have. And you have most likely heard the term, from those who are critical of your keto diet. While they may not be completely wrong, they may not be completely correct in their assumptions of the status of your ketosis breath. First off, bad breath can have a few different sources. So, it is not fair to assume that someone who is following a ketogenic diet has bad breath caused by the diet, when it could be other factors. The food we eat can cause bad breath. If you have ever sat by someone who has eaten garlic, you know it. Garlic and onions have a reputations for causing undesirable breath. And they seem to stay with you for a couple of days. For some people, garlic and onions can cause digestive upset. This can also be a cause of bad breath, if you are not digesting certain foods properly. You tend to see this in folks with lactose-intolerance. If you are trying to improve your breath, it is a good idea to limit these foods for a couple weeks. You can then try re-introducing them in small amounts, and see how your body reacts. Another cause for bad breath is poor dental hygiene. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. JayKid

    Keto Breath?

    How bad does it smell? Can you avoid it with gum or mints?

  2. Tuxd

    you breath should not smell. Thats a symptom of ketoacidosis which is totally different. your urine will smell because thats were your liver will dump excess but ketones won't be flooding your body high enough to cause your breath to change.
    Are you detecting a change in your breath?

  3. Jason762

    Ermm... You DO get keto breath. I don't know if others can smell it, but I know I can certainly taste it.
    Just like how RANK ass bad breath can be tasted, so can keto breath.
    I notice keto breath especially after hard cardio exercise and in the mornings after sleeping.
    Yes, gums and mints can be used, but make sure it is sugar free as it can kick you out of keto. Also, some people have reported being kicked out of keto with artificial sweeteners, but I myself have had no problems with it.
    Honestly don't worry about it. Girls will be too busy noticing your new hot bod to give a s**t about your breath.

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