Ketosis And Brain Function

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Ketogenic Diet: 25 Proven Benefits And How To Know If It’s Right For You

The ketogenic diet has been touted for its many health benefits such as weight loss, cognitive function, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. In this post, we cover: Different ways to get into ketosis Physiology and pathways that are changed when you are in ketosis, which explains how the ketogenic diet derives its benefits Genetic factors that may affect the safety and effectiveness of ketosis 17 Health conditions that may be helped by the ketogenic diet Negative effects of ketosis and how to mitigate them Ketogenic Diets Improve Cognitive Function and Brain Health Ketogenic Diet as a Cancer Treatment Ketogenic diets are defined by a low carbohydrate (typically under 50 grams/day) and high fat intake, leading to an elevation of free fatty acids and ketone bodies in the blood (R). The first ketogenic diets in the medical literature are noted in publications in the 1920s, although wider popularity and increased research was not seen in medical literature until the 1960s (R). Variations of the diets have remained popular for the past 20-30 years, with proponents claiming that the diets boost weight loss and energy while offering protection from certain metabolic diseases (R). A ke Continue reading >>

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  1. _pickleliquor_

    A bit over a year ago I started noticing difficulties with speaking, occasionally. I'd often completely blank on a word and stop talking midsentence, and kept using one tense of a word when I meant to use another. I wasn't having any issues thinking or writing, just talking. I was being screened for some other neurological issues at the time and came back with a clean bill of health, so I just assumed this was the dreaded "brain fog" that was a consequence of living too many years as a diabetic or just my age catching up with me (I'm 27).
    I've been on keto about six months, and it recently occurred to me that my tense misuse had virtually disappeared. Went off of keto for a few days last week, and just like magic, it was back.
    Just thought it was an interesting anecdote, and I'm curious if anyone else has noticed similar effects. I never really got the noticeable sustained energy boost or mental clarity that a lot of people feel on keto, but it's clearly still doing something for me.

  2. IllConceivedIdeas

    The cells in your brain quite literally work using different systems when you're in ketosis to such an extent that it's being actively researched for possible use in combating alzheimers, bpd and autism disorders.
    It's incredible just how many things it changes and how little we truly know about what exactly is going on.

  3. IllConceivedIdeas

    btw, just how far off did you go? Was it a lot of carbs or just a few more than your limit? Was a lot of sugar involved? You don't have to answer, but I'd be curious to know if you think there was any more to it than simply not being in ketosis.

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