Ketones When To Go To Hospital

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When You Need To Go To The Emergency Room With High Blood Sugars

My uncle, like all his family, was a bit of a cheapskate. He hated to spend money unless it was absolutely necessary. He was thin and active, having only recently given up a career as a singer and dancer performing weekly on a nationally televised variety show. So when he felt unwell one weekend night, he turned down his wife's suggestion that she drive him to the emergency room and told her he'd wait til Monday when he could see his family doctor. Why waste all that money on an ER visit that was probably unnecessary? As it turned out, he didn't need to see his doctor on Monday. He died that night. He was a few years younger than I am now and the fatal heart attack he experienced was the first symptom he had of our family's odd form of inherited diabetes. But this is why, even though I've inherited the family "cheap" gene, if there's any possibility something dangerous is going on, I head for the ER. Usually it is a waste of money. I was in a small car accident a few weeks ago that left me with nerve pain running up and down my arms and legs. I sat for four hours at our local ER, saw the doctor for five minutes, and was sent home. The diagnosis, whiplash. The treatment, wait and se Continue reading >>

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  1. Ketones

    Was told by my doctor today I have ketones in my urine, has anybody else had this? Been suffering with bad sickness barely keeping anything down, even water.

  2. AidaBomb

    Found this website, I hope it's helpful.


  3. JLynDitz229

    I haven't had it myself, but it's usually a sign you aren't eating enough carbs. Recommended minimum during pregnancy is 175g carbs a day. Talk to your OB about your morning sickness and inability to keep food down.

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