Ketones Liver Damage

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Conditions Leading To Liver Damage

Symptoms that are indicative of reduced liver function or possible liver damage include general malaise, fatigue, digestive disturbances (eg, constipation), allergies and chemical sensitivities, weight loss, jaundice, edema, and mental confusion. Generalized pruritus (itching), nausea, and vomiting can also result from impaired liver function. Causes of liver damage are numerous and may include congenital defects (malformed or absent bile ducts), obstructed bile ducts (cholestasis), autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders (hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease), tumors, toxins (drugs, overdoses, poisons), alcohol-related conditions (cirrhosis), bacterial and parasitic infections, and viral infections (hepatitis B and C). This section discusses several chronic disorders and diseases that can lead to degenerative liver damage without proper diagnosis and treatment. Cholestasis Cholestasis is interruption or stagnation of bile flow in any part of the biliary system, beginning with the liver. Cholestasis has several causes, including obstruction of the bile ducts by the presence of gallstones or a tumor, drug and alcohol use, hepatitis, and existing liver disease (Glanze 1996). In the Un Continue reading >>

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  1. MariaMia816

    Can anyone tell me what an average weight loss per week or month is for 20 carbs a day? Im loosing soooooo slow.

  2. GSD_Mama

    I guess it will be different for everyone. My first two weeks I've lost about 10, of which water was probably 5-7lb. I'm going on my third month now and losing slow, sometimes I gain sometimes I lose, no rhyme or reason.

  3. stevieedge2015

    10lbs in a month. I'm trying to keep my calories to under 1500. I smoke like a chimney though so...aiming to get to 130 so I can quit and not worry about gaining 10lbs

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