Ketones In Urine With Normal Blood Sugar

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Urine Test For Diabetes: What You Need To Know

Urine tests can check for a range of things, including blood in the urine, infection, and other systemic conditions. They are frequently used for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes. In this article, we look at types of urine tests for diabetes and how to understand the results. Contents of this article: What is a urine test for diabetes? Urine tests are important for both the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes. Urine testing is less accurate than blood testing but is useful as a screening test for people who already know they have diabetes. Urine tests can also be used to check for glucose in the urine of people who are undiagnosed. A urine test will be looking for three things: glucose, ketones, and protein. Glucose Having glucose in the urine may indicate diabetes, although it can also be caused by other conditions. For example, pregnant women who do not have diabetes may have glucose in their urine. Glucose is not normally found in urine, but it can pass from the kidneys into the urine in people who have diabetes. Ketones Ketone is a chemical that the body produces when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood. It is a by-product produced when the body starts to break down Continue reading >>

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  1. lenasvn

    Any idea what can be the reason for the lab results? The nurse called me and told me I had ketones in my urine. The glucose (fasting) was normal. It can be a sign of starvation or alcoholism too (alcoholism excluded,,,,LOL! can't tolerate even one beer). I eat frequent meals (well, cheat once in a while!) and take adquate vitamins. He want me to do a stool test (sorry about the graphics) to look for blood in stool. I don't have to go into details, but gramdma passed at age 43 from colon/ stomac cancer. it started with polyps in late teens- just like with me, besides my IBS since, well, since diapers!
    Anywho, any input on this Ketone deal, anyone had it and it was NOT diabetes? I also had anemia, despite my food and vitamin intake. This CAN be caused by RA (which in my case is not in control as I would want it), as well as many other things. I am ready for whatever, so blast your thoughts.

  2. futurehope

    Did you have a dipstick test done?
    Over the past 4 months I have had Keotones in my Urine and the only information I get is that this can be a sign of starvation.
    Are you on any medications? I am beginning to blame this one on my antidepressants as I have taken it on two different occassions over the past 4 years and I had EXCESSIVE weight loss both times. My appetite is not too good either. The first time I stopped the medication the weight VERY SLOWLY started to come back.
    Why would he want a stool test (just because of the keotones)?
    I have also heard that those urine dip tests can read inaccurate sometimes.
    Hope this helps, but I do not have any concrete answers either.

  3. lenasvn

    I don't know if they use dipstick in hospital labs. I think it would only be reasonable to run stool test if you present with both anemia and ketones at the same time, as well as severe malaise, and a family history of colon cancer. I was just hoping there might be some typical signs of CFS, since we're so toxic?

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