Ketones In Urine During Pregnancy

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What Are Ketones And Their Tests?

A ketone test can warn you of a serious diabetes complication called diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA. An elevated level of this substance in your blood can mean you have very high blood sugar. Too many ketones can trigger DKA, which is a medical emergency. Regular tests you take at home can spot when your ketone levels run too high. Then you can take insulin to lower your blood sugar level or get other treatments to prevent complications. What Exactly Are Ketones? Everyone has them, whether you have diabetes or not. Ketones are chemicals made in your liver. You produce them when you don't have enough of the hormone insulin in your body to turn sugar (or “glucose”) into energy. You need another source, so your body uses fat instead. Your liver turns this fat into ketones, a type of acid, and sends them into your bloodstream. Your muscles and other tissues can then use them for fuel. For a person without diabetes, this process doesn’t become an issue. But when you have diabetes, things can run out of control and you build up too many ketones in your blood. If the level goes too high, it can become life-threatening. Who Needs a Ketone Test? You might need one if you have type 1 di Continue reading >>

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  1. owlright

    Getting rid of ketones?

    Anyone have advice for helping to get rid of ketones in the urine. I'm definitely not dehydrated - I drink a ton of water each day, completely avoid caffeine, and haven't been throwing up much or at all lately. My blood sugar is not high, completely within GD guidelines. So I'm thinking that the ketones must be from not getting enough carbs.
    I am eating as much as I can. I haven't had much of an appetite since becoming pregnant, but beyond that, I have delayed gastric empyting and severe reflux - so I really can't get more into my stomach. If I try for more volume of food, it will come back up.
    Suggestions for foods that have a bit more carbs without a ton of volume, and something that is less likely to spike my BS (I know this is individual).

    Relevant is that my GD is probably a result of long-time steroid use - going off the pred is not a possibility. I'm supposed to be trying to take in 175 g of carbs a day for the pregnancy. Right now I am making it to 100 on a good day (todays total is 89), and that is even with a late night (1 am) snack. My blood sugars are what I would consider to be good - has been between 78 and 85, and 2 hours pp has been between 93 and 117,

  2. mollythed

    I'm not used to thinking in terms of GD, but it seems to me that the ketones with lower blood glucose mean you are burning body fat instead of food for energy. Why not add more protein or fat instead of carbs? Does gastroparesis make that difficult?

  3. owlright


    I'm not used to thinking in terms of GD, but it seems to me that the ketones with lower blood glucose mean you are burning body fat instead of food for energy. Why not add more protein or fat instead of carbs? Does gastroparesis make that difficult?
    True - the ketones are likely a product of burning fat instead of food. Which would not be a horrible thing, generally, but most docs want you to avoid ketones, regardless of the cause, during pregnancy. There are some studies that say that they can have negative effects on the baby.

    If increasing other fat and protein will make them go away, I can probably swing that - at this point everything suggested to me has been that I need to eat more carbs. It is ok for me to lose a little bit of weight, because I'm overweight, but right now I'm losing at a rate that they are worried about.

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