Ketones In Urine Dehydration

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Why Do Ketones Produce Dehydration?

I assume you are referring to the high ketones associated with people who have Type I diabetes. These individuals cannot process carbohydrates properly, so they metabolize fatty acids and produce ketones for energy as an alternative to using glucose or carbs for energy. The ketones can build to dangerously high levels if the process is uncontrolled, even resulting in death. The ketones do not cause dehydration. The dehydration is caused by high glucose levels in the blood due to diabetics not being able to metabolize it for energy. This effect then causes fats to be metabolized to ketones for energy, and at the same time the high glucose in the blood causes the dehydration. So, the ketones and dehydration both are the result of the lack of metabolism of glucose, but ketones do not cause the dehydration. Ketones have a carbon-oxygen double bond in them called a carbonyl group. These groups are very prone to something called keto-enol tautomerization, meaning that the ketone form of the compound easily shifts in the right conditions (with water around usually) to its enol (has an “ene” double bond in the carbon backbone and an “ol” alcohol group) form. When a ketone is in the Continue reading >>

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  1. dcsaszar

    Ketones are a by- product of protein metabolism. Which means your body is not able to use glucose (sugar) as a fuel source, and it has begun breaking down the proteins and fats in your body as its fuel source. Ketones and their levels in gestational diabetes are an indication of the severity of the diabetes. with good control there should be very little ketones in your urine. The higher the amount of ketones in your urine, the less your body is utilizing the sugars in your blood. Which would point towards higher blood sugar levels. Blood glucose monitoring is the most definative way to keep track of your diabetes, and is something that should be discussed with and followed your physician. Keeping a good hold on diabetes during pregnancy is important since poor control can lead to problems not only for you, but your unborn child. D.Csaszar RN.

  2. macksraaff

    Drink lots of water and make sure you're getting enough carbohydrate. Ketones are good on a low carb diet but not while you're pregnant. Good luck!

  3. cnyokoyama

    If ketones are found in your urine, it means that the sugars aren't getting used properly by your body. Either you need to eat, or the carbohydrates from your food aren't getting into your cells properly (diabetes). You don't want to go into metabolic acidosis if you're pregnant.

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