Ketones In Urine But No Glucose

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Should I Test My Urine For Glucose And Ketones?

Finding glucose in the urine of someone who has not yet been diagnosed will sometimes be a tip-off that they have developed diabetes, but glucose doesn’t appear in the urine unless the blood sugar is around 240 or even higher for many people, so there is no real reason to test the urine for sugar because it isn’t helpful in managing your diabetes if all you know is that you are roughly under 240. On the other hand, ketones in the urine is a sign that you may be getting seriously ill. Routine monitoring of ketones isn’t necessary, but it should be done if you feel sick, especially if you have type 1 diabetes. If you have diabetes and there are ketones in your urine, it’s time to contact your healthcare provider. Diabetes experts don't recommend testing your urine for glucose because this method is not as accurate as checking your blood. But testing your urine for ketones can be very important in managing your diabetes. Check with your doctor to see if you need to monitor your ketone levels. You may need to do ketone urine checks if your blood glucose is more than 300 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or if you're sick with the flu, a cold or a stomach bug. If you are having s Continue reading >>

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  1. karen78

    Hi there,
    I just have my blood test result few weeks back. In my urine test, protein was trace and that the ketone with 2+ was found. What does all this mean?
    Anyone know this? Please help.

  2. karen78

    Hi Rntdj,
    Thanks for your help.
    During the blood test, I also test for the diabetes. And it shows that my glucose level is 4.5 mmol/l. My diet, I do not think that it's normal becuase I am avoiding (take less) food which is consider as sweet, contain fat or oily food. I am scared to gain any weight. My appetide is not that good so I eat less, facing symptom of hand shaking, tired, lack of energy, dizzy mostly. I do not use alcohol. So, does it mean that I am having malnutrition?
    About protein found in urine, does it also mean that there is possibility the kidney is facing some infection ie vagina infection etc? How about drink less plain water ie mean seldom drink water or any type of drinks?
    Awaiting for your reply.

  3. Theresa Jones

    is with in normal limits. When the nutrition requirements are less than a person's food intake the body begins using it's own stores in an attempt to halt starvation. Malnutrition can be very serious as initial signs or symptoms may be slow to appear but once they become apparent damage can already be done. My first suggestion is improve your diet. A healthy diet will provide your body with energy to function without causing weight gain. You need adequate fluid intake/water to keep you body hydrated. I would suggest that if your physician is not aware that your dietary habits are less than adequate you discuss this with him/her to find a healthy approach. Malnutrition or starvation is not the answer.

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