Ketones In The Urine Kidney Failure

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Urine Test Types: Ph, Ketones, Proteins, And Cells

Urine as a Diagnostic Tool A long time ago, disgusting as it may be, people used to actually taste and drink urine in order to try and diagnose a patient's disease! I'm not even kidding you. Thankfully, modern-day doctors do not have to resort to such disgusting and even dangerous methods. One of the reasons the doctor barbers of yesteryear used to drink their patient's urine was to see if it had a sweet taste, often indicative of diabetes mellitus. Finding the sweet-tasting glucose in the urine was covered in detail in another lesson, so we'll focus on other important measurements here instead. Interpreting Urine pH One value that can be measured in the urine is known as urine pH. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. If the pH is low, then it is acidic. If the pH is high, then it is basic, or alkaline. To remember which is which, I'll give you a little trick that has worked for me. If you grew up watching cartoons, you probably saw some comical ones where cartoonish robbers poured acid on the roof of a bank vault and waited while the acid ate its way downward into the vault, so the robbers could get down there to steal all the cash. If you can recall that a Continue reading >>

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  1. driven1

    OK.... I'm a keto newbie, on Day 9 of the 12 day start up. As and aside, I feel great and am loving the food choices.
    ANYWAY... I have a girl friend who is an RN (and a very good one), who has cautioned me that ketones are 'hard on the kidneys'.
    Now, I love my GF to death, and I know that she means only the best, but I have very little confidence in the conventional medical community. After all, this is an industry that makes it's money from people being sick...
    My research has turned up that ketones are NOT damaging to the kidneys. On the contrary, the kidney uses ketones as a preferred fuel source when they can get them. The heart and brain as well as other major organs prefer them too...
    Seems as though the confusion is with the fact that a lot of medical professionals consider the excessive protein while on a keto diet damaging to the kidneys. I have also found research that dispels this... showing that only individuals who already have compromised kidney functions MIGHT have a problem with excess protein in the diet.
    I'm looking for comments from those who are experienced with the keto lifestyle. What do you know??

  2. titebuoy

    excessive dietary protein causes your kidneys to work harder to remove excess nitrogen. however, the keto is a high fat diet, not a high protein diet so i wouldnt be worried about it unless your macros are out of wack. some people have trouble with foamy urine on the diet, but most people dont experience kidney trouble on keto.

  3. stew9812

    I'm new to this too.
    I think what they teach the doctors/nurses is whats best for the general public. (people that don't work out, and don't necessarily get enough water ect..) So they may not always have the best answers for people like us.
    I would say to just drink plenty of water, and you will be fine.
    Just my opinion here, but like you say there is plenty of people who have done this diet with no bad side effects, and there is plenty of research supporting this to be a healthy diet as well.
    just my .02

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