Ketones In Breast Milk

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The Ketogenic Diet: Cancer Breakthrough Or Madness?

There has been a lot of buzz recently regarding ketones. As a cancer physician and researcher, I spend a lot of time thinking about ketones throughout the day. But what exactly is a ketone, you may be asking... Ketones are the energy supply our body makes to feed the brain during times of starvation, carbohydrate deprivation, fasting, or even just after a night’s rest. Our cells require a constant amount of oxygen and an energy source for survival. Sugar within the blood can provide a small amount of energy, as can proteins and fats. But when sugar is not around, the body turns to ketone production to feed the brain and other organs and cells. Through fasting and cutting carbohydrates, one can raise the amount of ketones feeding his or her brain and floating around in the body. Not only is this a clinically proven and superior method of weight loss,1–4 but it also has promise as a method of cancer treatment, or at least working together with current cancer treatments.5–8 You see, when ketone production in the body is high, your sugar levels drop, which is important, as cancer cells use sugar for energy.9 There is also a handful of data showing that cancer cells may not be abl Continue reading >>

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  1. Eileen

    Keto and breastfeeding

    Just thought I'd mention:
    Keto is compatible with breastfeeding. Ketones do not pass into breastmilk and do not cause any change of nutrition or taste. You can also work out hard and sweat as much as you like, as long as you drink your water, it won't affect the milk.

  2. wine

    wonderful...anyone offering samples ?

  3. johnnyironboard

    My sister in law had gestational diabetes and was on a low carb diet to control it. She gained 12 lbs during her pregnancy and the baby was a little over 8 lbs. She breast fed him and he's doing great at a little over 1 year old. She lost her pregnancy weight in about 1 month.

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