Ketones Are Produced From Quizlet

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Please answer all questions A) pathways of chemical reactions that build compounds. C) the entire network of chemical processes involved in maintaining life and encompasses all of the sequences of chemical reactions that occur in the body. D) the process of photosynthesis. 4 As an antioxidant vitamin E or C can donate electrons to highly reactive compounds. These antioxidants then become 5 In metabolism, glucose is degraded to carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is produced in: 12 The action of the cytochromes in donating all the electrons that have moved down the chain to oxygen could be described as a C) fatty acids become many acetyl-CoA molecules. A) Fats must be broken down to glycerol and fatty acids before oxidation can occur. B) Fatty acids are oxidized stepwise into 2-carbon fragments. C) 2-carbon fragments of fatty acids enter the citric acid cycle to be oxidized. D) 2-carbon fragments from fatty acids can be used to synthesize glucose. A) Deficiencies of thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin may slow energy metabolism. B) The citric acid cycle begins when acetyl-CoA combines with citric acid to form oxaloacetic acid. C) Hydrogens released via the citric acid cycle are Continue reading >>

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  1. mandymariemclaughlan

    How do I get prescribed Metmorfin?

    Hi ladies!
    You may have seen an earlier post from me saying that I can't get any treatment from a specialist until I lose 4st.
    I just assumed Metmorfin would be one of those treatments but I've seen others on this board saying they've been prescribed it by their GP - can anyone get it? Id love some help to shift this weight faster.
    Mandy x

  2. annie2610

    Ive booked myself an appointment with the GP on 21st as the hospital just want to give me clomid and Soy is not helping with the low progesterone so cannot image clomid will either. I want metmorfin too, so would love an answer xxx

  3. sophie_and_bump

    My GP wouldnt prescribe metformin to me because it isnt actually licensed for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) (this is what she told me anyway) so she had to refer me to a gynaecologist. He prescribed it straight away. Im "obese" my BMI is 33 but its meant to help weight loss (it didnt for me) so I cant understand why theyre asking you to lose weight 1st!
    Gynae wouldnt prescribe Clomid until Id been on the metformin 9months as he wanted to give my body the best chance to fall PG on its own. I took SI the month before I was due to start Clomid, after checking with the gynae that it was OK, and I got my BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) after 18months of trying.
    Good Luck xxx

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