Ketones Are Produced From Cholesterol

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Ketone Bodies

Ketone bodies Acetone Acetoacetic acid (R)-beta-Hydroxybutyric acid Ketone bodies are three water-soluble molecules (acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and their spontaneous breakdown product, acetone) that are produced by the liver from fatty acids[1] during periods of low food intake (fasting), carbohydrate restrictive diets, starvation, prolonged intense exercise,[2], alcoholism or in untreated (or inadequately treated) type 1 diabetes mellitus. These ketone bodies are readily picked up by the extra-hepatic tissues, and converted into acetyl-CoA which then enters the citric acid cycle and is oxidized in the mitochondria for energy.[3] In the brain, ketone bodies are also used to make acetyl-CoA into long-chain fatty acids. Ketone bodies are produced by the liver under the circumstances listed above (i.e. fasting, starving, low carbohydrate diets, prolonged exercise and untreated type 1 diabetes mellitus) as a result of intense gluconeogenesis, which is the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources (not including fatty acids).[1] They are therefore always released into the blood by the liver together with newly produced glucose, after the liver glycogen stores have bee Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. HiLz

    When you fast for a few days or weeks or however long, do you suddenly start smelling really sweet and tasting sugar in your mouth yet you haven't eaten?
    Happened to me weeks ago and I kept telling my mum I was tasting a lot of sweetness like sugar in my mouth and smelling of sugar. She didn't think much of it.
    What's up with that anyway?

  2. poppetypop

    Ketosis - your body burning fat- causes a different taste in your mouth. It is usually 'metallic' but many report a sweet taste. Check your ketone levels with a urine stick (pharmacist) though if you're fasting you will be in ketosis.

  3. Beckytea

    you get a sweet taste from ketosis?
    I get a taste which is how I would imagine the inside of a bin would taste like!
    I think I'd much rather be you right now...

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