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Superdrug Optimum Swiss Apple Cream

What is it with Superdrug? I just never think its a good as Boots and that anything of their own brand is going to be rubbish compared to the same product produced by Boots. I think its called being a snob? So I was in need of a moisturiser and I was in Superdrug and spotted the day cream version of the much hailed Swiss Apple night serum. I am sure you have all heard about this so I'll precis. Scientists in Switzerland noticed that when the apple fell from the tree it didnt wrinkle as rapidly as they had expected so they assumed that something in the apple was preventing early on-set wrinkling. Which leads me to conclude that a) Swiss scientists are horribly under employed and b) that they have really weird thought processes. So having done some scientific stuff at the apple they drew out the magic ingredient and sold it to the people that make a serum that costs £245 and to Superdrug who make a serum that costs £11.99. Which, frankly, is also pretty odd and makes me think that the Superdrug serum was once stored on the shelf next to the appley magic stuff but thats as close as it got and likewise the newly released £9.99 day cream would be similarly lacking in any kind of acti Continue reading >>

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    Source(s): Raspberry Ketone Free Trial : http://RaspberryKetone.oruty.com/?SNnC

  2. Ricci

    Hi there QTKTUK
    If you’re diabetes is controlled through insulin or tablets you are entitled to free prescriptions (this does not apply to just diet controlled diabetics) visit http://www.ppa.org.uk/ppa/medex.htm to claim an exemption certificate, you can still claim even if you work. In the mean time go to your GPs and ask them to prescribe you the ketone test strips, don’t wait for the certificate to come through the post. Also you can get the optium xceed blood glucose monitor which also measures your ketone levels through a drop of blood (the same way you would test your sugar levels) this is a more accurate way of testing for ketones.
    If you are developing ketones through dieting you are not eating enough carbohydrates, don’t be mislead by any fad diets as these just give a short term solution to your problem. Ketosis is very serious and if it is not treated right it will lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) in which the symptoms are often linked with high blood sugars, i.e. Increase in thirst, increase urination, tiredness, confusion, possible loss of consciousness. The symptoms of acidosis are: fast deep breathing, the smell of acetone (similar to pear drops) on your breath, nausea and vomiting and lack or no energy at all. To combat ketones you must consume carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. Don’t take any chances; if you feel like your condition is getting worse go to your local A&E or GPs straight away.
    If you need help or advice with any diabetic issues (even dieting) visit the website below, it is run by diabetics and is one of the best diabetic sites I have ever seen. Take care.

  3. nert

    If (and I am being presumptuous here) this is diet related and you want to know if your body is going through ketosis, lick the back of your hand, let it dry and sniff it. If it smells foul, then ketosis is occurring (or you've just not cleaned your teeth ;) And your local pharmacy should have test strips for not a lot of money...

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