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Glucose Ketone Meter

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes UK, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Australian Diabetes Association, and American Diabetes Association, concur that glucose levels > 14 mmol/L (250 mg/dL) combined with elevated blood ketones indicate DKA, a potentially life threatening complication of hyperglycemia. All cases of hyperglycemia (glucose > 14mmol/L or 250mg/dL) in combination with an acute clinical condition1 All cases of hyperglycemia when a diabetic patient is hospitalized1 During acute illness or stress or when blood glucose levels are consistently elevated (e.g. >17 mmol/L or 300 mg/dL) 2 DKA patients monitored by ß-OHB left the ICU 6.5 hours earlier than patients monitored with urine ketones: - 29.8% cost savings for lab tests and - 70.2% reduction in clinical assessment5 DKA patients monitored by blood ketone reached an end-point for intravenous therapy after 17 hours versus 28 hours for patients monitored by urine ketone testing6 1 Guerci N et al. Advantage to using capillary blood B-hydroxybutyrate determination for the detection and treatment of diabetic ketosis. Diabetes & Metabolism, Vo 31, No 4, 2005 2 American Diabetes Association. Tests of Continue reading >>

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  1. spblind

    I've googled and there are so many different answers, i don't know which to believe !

  2. rundymc

    When you're breath stinks more than usual.

  3. spblind

    rundymc wrote:
    When you're breath stinks more than usual. i don't feel it leh, i've been on a keto diet for a week, 65% of fats intake and 35% of protein 0% carbs.
    but my urine become damn yellow and the smell of fats oil, very bubbly and thick also and of cos the first few days i felt very giddy and i don't even feel like doing anything, like crashing like that but now better alot alr.

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