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Assessment Of A Hand-held Blood Ketone Meter In Clinical Practice

Assessment of a Hand-Held Blood Ketone Meter in Clinical Practice Aim: Point-of-care blood keton Aim: Point-of-care blood ketone testing is useful in distinguishing between ketosis and simple hyperglycaemia. This is especially so in cases where urine ketone testing is either not possible due to anuria or in cases where urine ketones are falsely negative. The aim of our study was to validate the usefulness of a hand-held blood ketone meter in the diagnosis of hyperglycaemic emergencies in the emergency department and to establish guidelines for the interpretation of blood ketone levels.[br]Methods: In this prospective study, patients with known or newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus presenting to our tertiary care emergency department and found to have a random capillary glucose of [ge] 14 mmol/l were eligible for inclusion. Measurements of capillary blood beta-hydroxybutyrate ([beta]-OHB) (Optium meter, Medisense/Abbott[trade]) and urine ketones (Ketostix[reg]) were done for all these patients. [beta]-OHB of 0.6 mmol/l and above is considered elevated by the manufacturer. Patients with elevated [beta]-OHB but without acidosis (i.e. pH [gt] 7.3) are classified as diabetic ketosis (DK) Continue reading >>

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    When you're breath stinks more than usual.

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    When you're breath stinks more than usual. i don't feel it leh, i've been on a keto diet for a week, 65% of fats intake and 35% of protein 0% carbs.
    but my urine become damn yellow and the smell of fats oil, very bubbly and thick also and of cos the first few days i felt very giddy and i don't even feel like doing anything, like crashing like that but now better alot alr.

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