Ketone Meter Breath

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The Ketonix

The Swedish made KETONIX is a compass to help you navigate to a lifestyle that achieves ketosis and monitors your daily ketone levels. KETONIX is the first reusable breath ketone analyzer. It is a non-invasive device that detects the level of ketones in your breath indicating the strength of your ketosis. The KETONIX Software enables the user to store their breath acetone results along with other additional data including meals, exercise, body measurements and blood tests. By measuring often and observing what and how different factors affect your ketosis you can learn what food, fasting and activity triggers a raise or fall in your level of ketosis. Continue reading >>

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  1. RabuRabu

    It's a USB powered ketone meter that analyzes the concentration of acetone in your breath.

  2. michel

    There is a thread on reddit

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