Ketone Bodies Synthesis

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Ketone Bodies

Overview Structure two types acetoacetate β-hydroxybutyrate β-hydroxybutyrate + NAD+ → acetoacetate + NADH ↑ NADH:NAD+ ratio results in ↑ β-hydroxybutyrate:acetoacetate ratio 1 ketone body = 2 acetyl-CoA Function produced by the liver brain can use ketones if glucose supplies fall >1 week of fasting can provide energy to body in prolonged energy needs prolonged starvation glycogen and gluconeogenic substrates are exhausted can provide energy if citric acid cycle unable to function diabetic ketoacidosis cycle component (oxaloacetate) consumed for gluconeogenesis alcoholism ethanol dehydrogenase consumes NAD+ (converts to NADH) ↑ NADH:NAD+ ratio in liver favors use of oxaloacetate for ketogenesis rather than gluconeogenesis. RBCs cannot use ketones as they lack mitochondria Synthesis occurs in hepatocyte mitochondria liver cannot use ketones as energy lacks β-ketoacyl-CoA transferase (thiophorase) which converts acetoacetate to acetoacetyl under normal conditions acetoacetate = β-hydroxybutyrate HMG CoA synthase is rate limiting enzyme Clinical relevance ketoacidosis pathogenesis ↑ ketone levels caused by poorly controlled type I diabetes mellitus liver ketone producti Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Robert


    Kicking off my ZC for January with precooking:- 6 pound brisket

    How are you cooking your brisket?

  2. Jodi

    I've already started. I'm eating meat, very little dairy (butter & hard cheese), coffee, eggs & lard/tallow. So far so good! I prefer mostly beef, some each bacon, chicken & fish.
    I feel like I still have more inflammation issues than I should at this point with Keto, so I'm hoping I'll see a reduction with ZC.

  3. tammy_steve1219

    Im in! I have over ate through the holidays and gained 4 lbs. Stayed on plan just ate way too much lol. Thank you for doing this!

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