Ketone Bodies Starvation

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Ketone Bodies Metabolism

1. Metabolism of ketone bodies Gandham.Rajeev Email:[email protected] 2. • Carbohydrates are essential for the metabolism of fat or FAT is burned under the fire of carbohydrates. • Acetyl CoA formed from fatty acids can enter & get oxidized in TCA cycle only when carbohydrates are available. • During starvation & diabetes mellitus, acetyl CoA takes the alternate route of formation of ketone bodies. 3. • Acetone, acetoacetate & β-hydroxybutyrate (or 3-hydroxybutyrate) are known as ketone bodies • β-hydroxybutyrate does not possess a keto (C=O) group. • Acetone & acetoacetate are true ketone bodies. • Ketone bodies are water-soluble & energy yielding. • Acetone, it cannot be metabolized 4. CH3 – C – CH3 O Acetone CH3 – C – CH2 – COO- O Acetoacetate CH3 – CH – CH2 – COO- OH I β-Hydroxybutyrate 5. • Acetoacetate is the primary ketone body. • β-hydroxybutyrate & acetone are secondary ketone bodies. • Site: • Synthesized exclusively by the liver mitochondria. • The enzymes are located in mitochondrial matrix. • Precursor: • Acetyl CoA, formed by oxidation of fatty acids, pyruvate or some amino acids 6. • Ketone body biosynthesis Continue reading >>

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  1. PBER57

    Ketone Test Strips

    I am following the Atkins diet fairly closely. I experience the "Atkins Breath" pretty good when I am producing ketones.
    I test daily when I have the "Atkins Breath" and my readings on the sticks come back moderate on the test color chart. The directions say contact your Dr or health care provider if they are moderate.
    My fasting BG has normally been around 105 when I take the test and I am not in ketoacidosis. I have been in ketoacidosis before and I know the severe symptoms they produce.
    If I am getting moderate readings on the color chart should I be concerned?

  2. furball64801

    Well being a type 2 that has been on Atkins I never had an issue, with you being a 1.5 I dont know if you shouild be concerned. I know you dont want to be in ketoacidosis but thats different than having ketones.

  3. mamayenn

    excuse the dumb question, but what is atkins breath?????

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