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Bulking On A Ketogenic Diet; True Or False?

Is bulking on a ketogenic diet possible? There’s a lot of skepticism about whether bulking on a ketogenic diet is possible. Bodybuilders stick to diets all the time. There is not a single possibility not to care about your meal. You count calories, you weigh your dishes, and you never stop asking questions about the quantity of carbs and fats and proteins in different foods. The most important for you is to gain muscles via bulking. Using one or another diet you care about its influence. Some diets can burn fat for energy and this is good, but some diets could use protein from your muscles to produce energy and this is your fear. Speaking about bulking on a ketogenic diet opinions vary. Some individuals consider that muscles on a keto diet grow because of low insulin level and increased lipolysis. How does it happen? When the insulin level is low it helps to produce useful hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone. It is well-known those hormones make ones muscles bigger and bigger. There is also another opinion about bulking on a ketogenic diet. They say keto diet can reduce body muscles through using them for fuel. Generally bodybuilders intake a lot of proteins though t Continue reading >>

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  1. betterfretter

    According to Arnold's encyclopedia, going into a ketogenic state causes your body to burn amino acids for energy which is bad for muscle maintenance/growth. (Not quoting directly, but that's the gist)
    Been reading some new research:
    According to the American Heart Association (AHA) Nutrition Committee, "Some popular high-protein/low-carbohydrate diets limit carbohydrates to 10 to 20 g/d, which is one fifth of the minimum 100 g/day that is necessary to prevent loss of lean muscle tissue [1]." Clearly, this is an incorrect statement since catabolism of lean body mass is reduced by ketone bodies (possibly through suppression of the activity of the branched-chain 2-oxo acid dehydrogenase), which and probably explains the preservation of lean tissue observed during very-low-carbohydrate diets. Unfortunately, the leading exercise physiology textbook also claims a "low-carbohydrate diet sets the stage for a significant loss of lean tissue as the body recruits amino acids from muscle to maintain blood glucose via gluconeogenesis [2]." Thus, it is certainly time to set the record straight.
    Source: http://www.jissn.com/content/1/2/7
    What are your thoughts on this? Ketosis is OK for fat loss while maintaining/growing?

  2. myhipsi

    According to Arnold's encyclopedia, going into a ketogenic state causes your body to burn amino acids for energy which is bad for muscle maintenance/growth.
    This is correct. Carbohydrates are protein sparing and glucose (the end product of carbohydrate) is REQUIRED for explosive muscular contraction/tension. So, if you fail to eat adequate amounts of carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores, it will have a definite impact on strength. When glucose is severely lacking in the diet, the body will ramp up gluconeogenesis which is when the body uses fats and AMINO ACIDS to produce the required glucose your body uses, so you end up converting much of the protein you eat (and possibly muscle tissue itself) into glucose for fuel.
    In short: Ketosis (severe carbohydrate restriction) can be used as a dietary tool for people that are severely overweight/obese and SEDENTARY. For those that endeavor into weight training/body building or any other high performance based activity/sport, carbohydrates are required maximum performance.

  3. Bojangles010

    Yep. Did a research paper on this and came to the same conclusion. Keto is fantastic for weight loss, but not for any type of athletes or those looking to gain strength/mass. I really like your quick summary.

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