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Dying To Be Thin: The Long Term Health Risks Of Anorexia

How the Complications That Accompany Anorexia Attack the Body Anorexia Nervosa’s impact on a person’s health can be brutal. Even before the physical effects of this eating disorder become apparent, it begins to attack nearly every system in the human body. Like an aggressive form of cancer, it won’t stop until it wins. The disease has the highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders. As many as 20 percent of the people who suffer from anorexia will eventually die from it. And the longer a person suffers from anorexia, the greater their risk of dying becomes. Because some of the complications that come with anorexia can last a lifetime, the timeline for detection, intervention, and treatment can be crucial for recovery. The Complications of Anorexia Anorexia Nervosa is taken very seriously in the mental health community because the damage it inflicts extends to nearly every part of the body. These effects can range from minor infections and poor general health to serious life threatening medical problems. Because it often strikes young people, some of these conditions may carry over into adulthood and last an entire lifetime. “A lot of people -parents, and even some Continue reading >>

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  1. sf_331

    How many days until you are in "Ketosis"

    I'm starting day 3 and only trace amounts of Keto thus far. Just curious how many days until my body gets into ketosis.

  2. Football 4 Life

    if you have trace amounts of ketones, then u are in ketosis, u cant be partially in keto and partially not, its either you are or you arent. generally it takes 3 days, i just started my ckd on sunday and last night i had the metallic taste. i dont use ketosticks either.

  3. sf_331

    Originally Posted by Football 4 Life
    if you have trace amounts of ketones, then u are in ketosis, u cant be partially in keto and partially not, its either you are or you arent. generally it takes 3 days, i just started my ckd on sunday and last night i had the metallic taste. i dont use ketosticks either.

    I've never used ketostix before until now. I'm doing Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss Program which is a Modified PSMF, which is essentally a "keto-ish" diet. I've had single digit carbs in the past two days and always wanted to see if my body was responding and producing more ketones. The color was negative/trace, but it's only been two days and just wanted feedback on how many days until people usually start getting tons.

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