Ketoacidosis Prefix And Suffix

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Naming Of Organic Compounds

Nomenclature rules for different groups of organic compounds and functional groups, together with examples of use of the rules There are millions of different organic compounds and it is obvious that a systematic way of naming them is necessary. This article gives definitions of the different classes of organic compounds and rules for their naming together with many examples of use of the naming rules. See also naming of inorganic binary compounds. Content (links directly to the compound classes) Acyl halides Ethers Alcohols Functional groups priority Aldehydes General naming principles Alkanes Greek numbers used as prefixes Alkenes Haloalkanes (alkylhalides) Alkynes Ketones Amides Nitriles Amines Nitros Aromatics Sulfides (thioethers) Carboxylic acids Thiols (mercaptans) Esters Thiones (thioketones) General naming principles Organic compounds follow a certain naming pattern Prefix = substituent(s) Second Name = type of chain In the naming process we start with the First name: The core skeleton of an organic compound is called its root or parent chain. This refers to the simple skeleton or backbone of the molecule, upon which all the functional groups and substituents are attached. Continue reading >>

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  1. msrsimpkin

    Well, I still wasn't sure if I was in Ketosis yet as I haven't noticed any of the signs. I read on here that the best place to get Ketostix is from Boots Pharmacy, so I popped along to Boots to pick some up.
    When I asked the woman at the Pharmacy counter she immediately looked concerned and asked if I was diabetic. I said No, so asked what they were for. So I told her they were for use while doing Atkins. I was told that they weren't allowed to sell them for that reason because they would be encouraging a very unhealthy and very dangerous way of loosing weight! -_-
    I tried a couple of different stores in the area, all with the same results and the same mini lecture and disapproving look! Until I'm the end I just lied and said they were for my sister in law (who does have diabetes). And still she was very reluctant to sell them to me.
    Okay, so I understand that if they genuinely think that Atkins is dangerous, they don't want to appear to be promoting it, but it's not like people aren't still going to follow Atkins just because you won't sell them some sticks to pee on!
    Sorry, rant over. Just wanted to share how stupid I thought it was!

  2. Wrinkly

    I'm almost sure that Boots has had to back down on their 'policy' before but don't bother with them msrsimpkin, I get mine from Amazon.

  3. MichelleT

    Boots in Bristol
    Think it was me that suggested Boots. I have bought them on 4 occasions from various Boots in Bristol, and never had the slightest problem, good job because I would have had something to say back if they had!! Yesterday I bought the Keto diastix because thats all they had, and still was sold them without a problem. How annoying that a shop assistant should be able to pass a judgement on something she/he probably knows nothing about!

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