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Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Potential Complication Of Treatment With Sodium–glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibition

OBJECTIVE Sodium–glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors are the most recently approved antihyperglycemic medications. We sought to describe their association with euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis (euDKA) in hopes that it will enhance recognition of this potentially life-threatening complication. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Cases identified incidentally are described. RESULTS We identified 13 episodes of SGLT-2 inhibitor–associated euDKA or ketosis in nine individuals, seven with type 1 diabetes and two with type 2 diabetes, from various practices across the U.S. The absence of significant hyperglycemia in these patients delayed recognition of the emergent nature of the problem by patients and providers. CONCLUSIONS SGLT-2 inhibitors seem to be associated with euglycemic DKA and ketosis, perhaps as a consequence of their noninsulin-dependent glucose clearance, hyperglucagonemia, and volume depletion. Patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who experience nausea, vomiting, or malaise or develop a metabolic acidosis in the setting of SGLT-2 inhibitor therapy should be promptly evaluated for the presence of urine and/or serum ketones. SGLT-2 inhibitors should only be used with Continue reading >>

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  1. Technosmith

    Hey folks,
    As summer is on its way out I'm starting to try and get into ketosis, but the drop in carbs has now led my body temperature to drop. Feeling pretty chilly all the time. Morning temperature was 35.7!!! Fats don’t seem to heat me up, only cooked protein and vegetables seem to have this effect.
    I know my mitochondria are not functioning great, and my redox is poor.
    Any ideas on the best approach to take with this? Net carbs are very low but I doubt I'm even in ketosis at this point.

  2. Verena1028

    I aways get very hot from stuff like Beef, cod lifer, just lots of fat and protein

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